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72 names of the KABBALAH GOD = Phi ?
07-12-2009, 07:41 AM (This post was last modified: 07-12-2009 08:46 PM by Raphael.)
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72 names of the KABBALAH GOD = Phi ?
Here is a great Phi resource.

72 names of the KABBALAH GOD = Phi ?


yet another of my personal 'recoveries', an ancient secret 'uncovered' 'unveiled' by me, with the assistance of my genie/daemon/shadow.

No discussion needed this on the Gospel of Thomas = Phi thread.
The PROOF that Shemhamphorash = Phi is CONCLUSIVE

No discussion needed...only acknowledgment by the observer.
Thus can we move on?

However if the ancient Shemhamphorash is VEILING Phi....maybe the Gospels of Thomas are too?

Critical thinking says YES.
Atheists/Racists/FunnyANDmentalist Religious wankers say NO.

Others who do not fit the above description, the uncommon man, the truth seekers looking for a common denominator, please read and decide for yourself.

...the 3 others on this forum, who will continue to be exposed as the 'trickster/ego', ignorance is bliss in disguise, know who they are.
These are fine representatives of life in general.
The list I am gathering is filled with the paradox.
The intelligent/idiot who fails to acknowledge their genius/crazy side.

That side of themselves that MUST exist within them, cloaked.
Under the veneer of civilization is an animal veiled.
It is obvious the inmates are running the asylum.
Directing the herd, the 40 mule team, through death's valley.

sure, sure, sure, we will just forget about the last 8 years and the meriKAn judeao/christian sheeple herder, king george the burning bush, eh?

Socrates, who was forced to drink hemlock for speaking the truth, would say the STATE represents the consciousness of the PEOPLE.

Simply a reflection.
Don't blame george....he was only the MIRROR for a nation.
A nation/a mixed bag of racist Judeao/Christian new age lightworkers, who believe in science, aliens and the UFO and jesus.

SO NO REAL physical proof of any of the above (aliens/UFO/jesus) Praying exists in the pages of history or REAL science.
B U T ... IN FACT there exists REAL physical proof of Phi in nature, in the physical world, all around us, and maybe we can find references of this in the narratives?

Quote:[Image: piano.gif]
There are 13 notes in the span of any note through its octave.
A scale is comprised of 8 notes, of which the
5th and 3rd notes create the basic foundation of all chords, and are based on whole tone which is
2 steps from the root tone, that is the
1st note of the scale.

13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1 , ONE = ewe

Your thoughts are golden?
88 piano keys = 88 constellations = wow what poetry

HOW OBVIOUS MUST IT BE? before somethings goes click and gets REAL inside your asymmetrical brains?

OR do the herd of ewe need to see it on a REEL first, something put out by Holy-wood/SeeNN nothing/FOXy news?


NATURE cannot be HIDDEN only VEILeD with NARRATIVES that defy NATURE

CodeX4 and the Reconciliation of Science and Religion
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