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A Guide to Global Nuclear Warfare
07-29-2010, 03:46 PM
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A Guide to Global Nuclear Warfare
Before I Continue (NCOT). I wanted to formerly advise mankind on an appropriate course of action for your nuclear engagement, when this becomes necessary.

The nuclear fallout, will be removed from the earth, during the "new heaven and new earth" phase. So I wouldn't worry about dropping a considerable amount of nuclear material as needed to ensure your very lives. The most opportunistic time to engage in global nuclear warfare is before the arrival of the LOCUST. You do not want to waste material, which you are being given a limited quantity according to your population, distributed somewhat annonymously according to the law you were given form the son of man of this day.

With that said, many of you do not believe the 2 continents and also the nations i have mentioned, which will be destroyed during the process of NEWLIFE, will infact be destroyed. I want you to consider those continents and countries mentioned as tangible losses. I also want you to respond with as much nuclear force as necessary to end their resistance, before they can present the nations with greater difficulties in sight of the times.

I will offer a solution, you should allow a portion of them to migrate to your countries, this will somewhat discourage the necessity of your having to use nuclear weapons against them.

Do not be ashamed to accept my testimony as authortative. To minimize PERDITION, Christs's has given me detailed instructions to share with you via his communication with MYSELF. I have added the ambiguity to those communications and presented them to you, by an identifable pattern, which is your signature of authenticity. You are given a clear description of the formation of the earth, to help life, and the help you resolve the matters you need to attend to. Namely the assurance of that LIFE, by the putting down of resistance.

Evacuating large amounts of persons over the age of 20 will likely result in anarchy. Instead offer solice to those who pose a threat to you, namely the POLITICAL-RICH. They will ensure the IGNORANCE of their populations, ensuring they are killed off without causing you any significant troubles. And this will conclude the chapter in your history. I want to advise you again that you can use nuclear weapons, and the fallout will be removed before the NH NE are complete.

If you are going to listen to my instructions. Feel free to make those POLITICAL-RICH, citizens of your countries, and free their names of all charges, they will enter into the day of judgement. I have kept my testimony limited by not including the specific targeting of individuals fleeing a targeted nation or principality. It is wise of you to observe this fact. In the HOUR OF YOUR JUDGEMENT. It is also wise of you to listen to my WARNING, as this is the WARNING PHASE. (WARNING, CHASTISEMENT, RECEPTION). Those continents are marked, and so is that given radius, you will observe by breaking of the lands, and their dispersement.

DANIEL 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make [it] desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

The ONE WEEK or SEVEN, identifies with the HOLY SPIRIT. This identifies with the "confirmation of the covenant", THAT IS MY TESTIMONY. The "covenant of NEWLIFE" identified by the removal of the HOLY SPIRIT, in this description, entering into the "covenant of NEWLIFE", is the removal of the "sacarifice and oblation". The covenant being confirmed is poured out on the desolate, by reason of its delivery to men.

I want you to understand, that it is in your best interested to position yourselves you nations, for a full nuclear strike against the continents and nations which I gave you instruciton that are expendable. I want you to maintain your ready status during the entire RAPTURE PERIOD if possible. To deter those nations i have given you the advance knowlege of know they will be dispersed into the earth. Discouragement from taking action against you. I want you to carry out a nuclear strike if necessary, but i want it done completely, you have a job to do in your own respective nations.

That is all for now so PAY ATTENTION.
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RE: A Guide to Global Nuclear Warfare

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