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A Hindu's relationship w/ Taoism
02-07-2018, 12:31 PM
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A Hindu's relationship w/ Taoism
I don't know if there are many Taoists here, but here goes...

I am Hindu and worship the Hindu gods, particularly Krishna, as well as the Norse god Thor as my strength patron. I have a small shrine with Thor and Hanuman, and I say a prayer to them for my workouts. I am also drawn to Taoism and the Chinese deities I know of.

I have small statues of Fu Lu Shou (Sanxing, the Three Stars), Xuan Wu (a warrior deity who fights evil), Budai (the fat laughing buddha), Guan Yin (goddess of compassion) and Guan Yu (another prominent Chinese warrior deity who fights evil) on a shelf, with a candle. Above that I have a framed 4x6" picture of San Qing (the Three Pure Ones, the highest deities of Taoism, and who are a manifestation of the Tao). This is separate from my Hindu shrine.

I understand a proper Taoist altar/shrine has 2 candles, 3 offering cups and an incense burner, and that Guan yu is always placed on the left. Nothing is energized or consecrated, but I understand that the statue of Guan yu on the left is sufficient to keep evil spirits away. The location of this arrangement is also not typical or proper, so I consider it just a show of reverence for the culture and religion.

My question is that if I wanted to turn it into a "proper shrine", is there much more I have to do than what I already know, or should I even do it? I do prayers at my Hindu shrine, though not as often as I'd like. Prayers and offerings at my proposed Taoist shrine would unfortunately be less frequent than I'd like. I found some Taoist prayers in English, but is there anything particular to use? As far as Hinduism's take on it there's no problem. Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita it's OK to worship other deities; he will help the devotee maintain faith in them.

So is there any problem in creating a proper Taoist shrine from a Taoist perspective?
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