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A survey of Pakistani population beliefs and mis-beliefs
07-01-2010, 07:15 AM (This post was last modified: 07-01-2010 07:26 AM by Ahmadi.)
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A survey of Pakistani population beliefs and mis-beliefs
As I belong to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and used to be a Sunni Muslim, I am an apostate by their definition and 78% of population believes that it will be meritorius to kill me. Can I count on the forum members for the protection of my life?

Last week I found one more reason to call USA my home. Here is a survey:

According to the said survey 89 per cent Pakistanis say they think of themselves first as Pakistanis, rather than as members of their ethnic groups; yet the country is always standing on the edge of ethnic, sectarian and inter-sectarian strife. We like to call ourselves moderate Muslims, yet our thinking is clouded by fantasies of a violent religious order emerging from artificially induced memories of some glorious mythical past of a Utopia. Good news: Only 10 per cent Pakistanis recently surveyed by a leading US research group have any liking for the Taliban. What’s more, a mere nine per cent exhibited sympathy for Al-Qaeda. So, does this mean that we are finally moving towards being a more rational, humanist, tolerant and moderate society?

Hold your horses. Or shall I say camels. Because the same survey finds broad support for harsh punishments: 78 per cent favour death for those who leave Islam; 80 per cent favour whippings and cutting off hands for crimes like theft and robbery; and 83 per cent favour stoning adulterers to death.

Now, if such overwhelming numbers of Pakistanis have such brutal ideas about crime and punishment, one wonders exactly what is it about beasts like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda that Pakistanis don’t like. Why would a Pakistani support death (by stoning) of an adulterer and similar punishment for apostates, but dislike the Taliban?

In 1988, while reading about a stoning to death incident (of an adulteress) in the former NWFP, the late Dr Makri — a forgotten, broken intellectual — once told me that Pakistan was abandoned by God. I was in college in those days and going through a Marxist phase. So I asked him how God could abandon a people who pray so regularly and talk so often about his religion.

“They don’t pray to the compassionate, benevolent and merciful God of Islam,” Dr Makri replied. “They pray to a violent deity preached to them by the mullahs, generals and inflexible ulema.”

I am second coming of Thomas Paine. If you are a Christian, have you read Age of Reason?
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