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08-21-2012, 10:30 AM
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RE: Alchemy!
I agree Pain, but it looks as though Satnam is the 'I SEE THE MARK OF CAIN' type. If you want to discuss evil overlords, he's your man.
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04-06-2013, 06:17 PM
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RE: Alchemy!
(12-06-2010 07:30 PM)Aingeal Wrote:  I'm bored. Anyone want to talk about alchemy with me?


I may also be slightly high on Vicoden, Da pointed out.

Did you know that a Nuclear Reactor can be used to turn lead into gold. I find it really funny that some of the old myths with alchemist turning lead into gold ended up with the alchemist or the people around the gold getting sick, lol what if a long time ago a few people discovered nuclear power before they even understood what it was, lol. I mean even if you turn lead to gold using Nuclear Power it would become radiated and unsaleable for a really long time.

I really like the philosophical part of Alchemy the joining of opposite forces to create balance and harmony, the influence of change within the world around us. For example to a Christian it becoming Christlike would be their Philosophers stone and the process of creating one would be the trial and tribulations they would need to go through in order to reach perfection. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore the philosophies and thoughts of ancient alchemist. They also invented key tools now used in modern medicine and chemistry.

"Hidden underneath the stoned cold surface of every Pious Person lays buried a Kinky Pervert, Stop bringing shovels, Where not digging!"-Azrael
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