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Alefmemshin on Iron
11-07-2017, 11:42 AM
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Alefmemshin on Iron
Alefmemshin on Iron: A Bhaktic Hymn
11/7/17 e.v.
O Mighty Mountain that moves in stillness within me
To burn up Maya,
Thy sattva thrills me with silent calm
That separates the illusion from Thy perfect perception.
I am filled and surrounded by the embrace of Thee,
Forever abiding in the love that awaits the fading
Of me, my mind, to unite with Thy all that is Eternally United.
Lo, like a bubble I standeth in form given birth,
Longing to be broken, nay, opened to what is.
I never was; this I once knew but now
It is seen and felt past the precipice of the dream
Of thoughts—that Maya dressed in her finest garb of ideas.

O Mighty Mountain, Thy steadfast endurance
Is like light, inspiration to stand to the blow of
Awaking, to keep making the effort no matter how oft I fail.
Thou art my Guru, Thou art Guru to all from within the
Very core of our awareness: formless and unchanging.
Further subtly refined, to sense beyond senses,
Thine call, Thy voice is always calling from the Heart!
I still hear it as if from without sometimes, weak as I am,
But I am no longer fooled,
For Thou art the union of all distance that ever was.

O Mighty Mountain, Thy shadow is a brightness more full
Than any sunlight that shineth upon the earth, and
Lo!, how very bright Thou art, so very bright to unite
The surface with the depths. And when Thou radiatest Thine glory
In its sum we are One, and One in None, and None is All
Beyond the veil of reason, beyond that Maya.
From the Heart of us Thou callest us to the Heart!
There can be no temple to Thee for Thou art the Temple of All.
I am as a moth that circlest ever-closer to Thy flame,
VaShi! VaShi! VaShi! Shanti. Shanti. Shanti. Om.

This is a hymn to Sat-Chit-Ananda, Being-Consciousness-Bliss, or consciousness as it is when all accretions and all adjuncts are removed. This is a song of praise to the inmost self of all of us. THAT is not God, God is but THAT. Amen.

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