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America: RIP (part III with videos)
11-13-2008, 07:33 PM (This post was last modified: 11-14-2008 07:14 AM by Question_It.)
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Exclamation America: RIP (part III with videos)
This is part III in an expose series covering topics of the decline of world societies and also world events as they relate to Bible prophecy. If you have not read part I: God, History, and World Events Today (with video), or part II: God and World Events Today, please read those, watch the video and follow the link in part two. Part III is a continuation of these.

So why is the title of this post America: RIP? This title is pertinent to the events that are transpiring the world over that have crippled economies on a global scale.

You have learned some background history about Bible figures and how they play a major role in world events; have read the documents that prove that what Bible prophecy states about our time-period is true; and now you should have reached the conclusion that America as an independant nation is a dream that died back in 1913. And now, on to more proof.

Here is a list of compiled video footage that will further shed some light on what kind of world we REALLY live in, and what type of "government" America is really dominated by. As you find out more, please be advised that fomenting a revolution against this "regime" is futile and is not recommended. They have had power for many years---most of the world was just asleep when the coup d' etat took place. It is simply just too late to do anything about it. But at least now you know and can began to prepare for what is coming.

It is necessary to advise that this world "entity" is known, or is referred to, by many titles. Some refer to them as the Illuminati (a secret society), others refer to them as the New World Order, and still others call them Zionists (hence the term "Zion" in the Protocols). Hope you enjoy the videos. More links to other info will be posted tomorrow.
First, here is President George W. Bush Senior heralding in the New World Order government (as though it were only just taking power--they have had control since before the 20th century).
Bush Senior Heralds a New World Order

This is a video presentation for the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion documentary presentation PART 1

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion PART 2 documentary presentation

In this video of an official news report, Vice-President-Elect Joe Biden admits that he is a Zionist: Vice President-Elect Joe Biden Says he is a Zionist (he makes the admission towards the end of the interview)

Here is an eye-opening New World Order video that reveals their symbolism throughout the media and corporate world:

Tomorrow there will be a discussion about world events, the TRUE rulers of the world who rule by proxy, and the connection to the assassination of some of America's most well-known and respected political and religious figures. Stay tuned... .
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