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An Interview With Mr. Harun Yahya By Le Monde- Video
09-23-2008, 03:43 PM
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An Interview With Mr. Harun Yahya By Le Monde- Video
[Image: 1345527969_966b235c23_m.jpg]


Le Monde, which is one of the most read daily news papers in France, has made an interview with Mr.Adnan Oktar in Turkey. The interviewer draws attention to the fact that Mr.Adnan Oktar was very much spoken of in France in respect of his studies regarding the collapse of the evolution theory.

In the interview Mr.Adnan Oktar states that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th volumes of his book named Atlas of Creation are being translated into French. He has declared that the Atlas of Creation had very positive effects all over the Europe and that especially after the publication of this book, there has been great differences in between the statements of Mr.Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France, given before and now. He states that Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy’s making statements about faith in Allah and giving enthusiastic statements about the love of Allah despite of the severe pressure of the Masonic lodges and the Freemasons, was only possible with the effect of this book.

Mr.Adnan Oktar, stating that there was a huge demand for the Atlas of Creation from the universities and academy lecturers of especially European universities, gives examples of the positive effects the book in England, along with France. He mentions that Mr.Tony Blain, the former President of England, who was before a socialist and Marxist, after the book had reached England, started to give very beautiful and sincere statements about faith in Allah.

Mr.Adnan Oktar states the fact that no one has anything left to be said in respect of Evolution after it has been proved by the fossils which are put forward that no evolution had occurred. He implies that the collapse of Darwinism is very clearly seen: “We asked the French people to bring any proofs they might have had to support the evolution theory so that we could display them in front of the Eifel tower, yet they could not come up with any.” Mr.Oktar continues his words: “ Darwin states that his theory could only be true if the transitional fossils are found, and we proved that there are no transitional fossils and thus confirmed what Darwin said: This means there is no evolution.”

In the other sections of the interview Mr.Adnan Oktar gives examples of his new books and their contents. In this part Mr.Adnan Oktar states that Jesus will definitely return and he adds that the return of Jesus will be one of the greatest events which would shock the whole world.
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