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An Interview With Mr. Harun Yahya By Suudi TV
09-23-2008, 03:48 PM
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Exclamation An Interview With Mr. Harun Yahya By Suudi TV
[Image: Adnan_Oktar_07.jpg]


In his interview by Suud1 TV, one of the most renowned television channels of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Adnan Oktar replied the question inquiring the effect of his books all over the world, by stating that it is Allah doing and creating everything. He said that Allah had created His servants as a means. Mr.Adnan Oktar said “when the time comes Allah reveals the books that are already determined in destiny”.

Mr.Adnan Oktar stated that Darwinism was used as an effective philosophical means to form the foundation of atheism for a long time. He declared the introduction of the actual state of the subterranean fossils to the humanity had been a giant blow on Darwinism. Mr. Adnan Oktar stated that all of the fossils excavated which are more than 100 million, had proved creation. He depicted that the skeletons of the animals which lived 300 million years ago were exactly the same with the contemporary ones.
Mr. Oktar said that the collapse of Darwinism had caused a great relief amongst the Muslims and that Islam had spread like an avalanche all through the world. He also referred to the effect of the mass distribution of his book, the Atlas of Creation, in France. Stating that atheism was widespread in France, he said that the distribution of the Atlas had caused a shocking effect on French people and that this was referred to as “ the biggest calamity in the history of France, an earthquake, a tornado and also as the biggest offensive attack ever received in France” by their own words.
Mr. Adnan Oktar, after stating that he had been subjected to various forms of oppression and coercion just after he had published his book named “Freemasonry and Judaism”, said that he had been kept in a mental hospital locked with aggressive and mentally deranged patients who have killed before for 10 months and also been imprisoned for 9 months but has never ever given up his intellectual struggle and that he would never do so.
Mr. Adnan Oktar stated that his sole aim is to gain the approval of Allah and he had concluded his interview with the following message he had sent to all the Muslims in the Arabian countries: “I want Muslims to love and be brothers to one another, with no discrimination between sects, or whether someone happens to be a Hanafi, Sunni, Shafii, or whatever. We believe in the same Allah, in the same prophet and face the same direction in prayer. We love the same prophets and the same angels, and our everything is more or less the same, so building walls and even enmity between us on the basis of minor details merely serves the interests of Shaytan. There must be no such thing. We are all, inshaAllah, sincere Muslims, genuine brothers. And, inshaAllah, we will all be together in the hereafter. There is an auspicious side of such divisions as well. I believe it is totally wrong to make an issue out of them.”
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