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Before Armageddon: What You Need to Know (video library)
12-01-2008, 09:17 AM (This post was last modified: 12-02-2008 07:53 AM by Question_It.)
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Before Armageddon: What You Need to Know (video library)
Hello Everyone:
*What if the nutrients in your food were declared toxic?
*What if the vitamins you purchase to supplement your nutrient-depleted foods were declared illegal to buy over-the-counter?
*What if there was a plan to reduce the earth's population to 500,000,000 (by not only outright murder, but by starvation)--and that included YOUR extermination? They are called the Georgia Guidestones--and here they are:[Image: Stones.gif?__]

These stones are actually called the new ten commandments for the management of mankind, and one of the commandments declares that the earth's population MUST be reduced and maintained at 500,000,000!(That's a 90% reduction!) And trust me, there is nothing holy about what they're planning. But at this point, you should now understand the rise of the "birth control" movement, but research WHO started the movement. This is not an attack on those of Hebrew decent, because all Jews do not believe in or follow Talmudic (Talmud) teachings. But it shows the generational contention (fight)between those who follow Judaic Talmudic teachings and those who are Christians and live by the teachings of the new Law presented to the world by Jesus Christ.

These stones were placed there in 1980 (most people do not know they are there), in the state of Georgia (USA) by the very ones who want YOU gone! (I will provide a link to my website soon for you to follow all of this because our very own government is linked to these events, as well as the rest of the world, and you need to be informed, and given the tools to sift through all of the information.) Think all this is from the plot of some horror movie? Unfortunately it isn't, and the proof is available. Watch the videos below... .

I posted a link yesterday with info about Agend 21, the United Nations Depopulation program. I'm going to provide more relevant info now. But please, let me say this to the readers of this post:

I know information may be difficult for some of you to accept because it is very dire; unfortunately, it's all true. You will be able to see for yourself and then make the decision of what you're going to do with the information you've been provided.

When Jesus was on earth, he went from house to house and door to door speaking to all who would listen about his Father's Kingdom. He not only told these people what benefits this Kingdom would bring to the world, but he also told of the situations people on earth would experience before that Kingdom would once again retain ownership of earth.

You may be an atheist, or an agnostic, or a non-conformist, or whatever label you attach to yourself--and that is your choice; but the fact of the matter is that when Jesus of Nazareth was here, it did not matter what a person called themselves, Jesus had very important informationt to reveal, he told it, and that was that! But this is what Jesus had to say about any person who chose to not listen to the message he was sending out:

"Into whatever city or village you enter, search out who in it is deserving... When you enter a household, greet the household... . Wherever anyone does not take you in or listen to your words, on going out of that house or that city, shake the dust off of your feet!" Matthew 10:11-14

My task is only to deliver the message. The prophet Ezekial, the prophet Jonah, the prophet Elijah, and the list goes on... were given the same task, and although I am no Prophet like the men of old, I am one of God's spokesmen. And so I tell you what I know so that you can prepare yourselves for the things that will shortly take place. For those of you who listen..." you will save both yourself, and those who listen to you." 1 Timothy 4:16

Below, you will find a video diary that will show you the things that are taking place. All I can tell you is..." Keep on the watch! And pray continually." Matthew 26:41

This is a short video that introduces you to the population Reduction agenda; the video diary below explains the United Nations process of carrying it out.
This is video Codex Alimentarius about the United Nations Project-Part 1

This is video Codex Alimentarius United Nations project -Part 2

Codex Alimentarius United Nations Project-Part 3

Codex Alimentarius United Nations Project-Part 4

Codex Alimentarius-United Nations Project-Part 5
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12-02-2008, 02:47 AM
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RE: Before Armageddon: What You Need to Know (video library)
The video library is available with this thread. I will provide a link to my website on Tuesday, the 2nd of November.
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