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Being Calm
09-30-2009, 03:12 AM
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Being Calm
In order to be calm one must relax their mind and body. the mind should be clear of thoughts (difficult but possible). The body should be harmonious with the mind, doesn't mean your body goes into matrix mode or something.
body movement should be relaxed even while walking.

In a calm state your able to control what state of feedback you want to project. Try being calm for a day and notice when negative feedback is thrown to you, notice your very instinct/mentality during a conversation. You'll notice being negative is very easy, for some its their nature. The whole objective is to give positive feedback to whom ever your surrounded by. Absorbing negative feedback and giving negative feedback will pollute your mind with negative emotions. Example, anger, hate, jealousy, pride and abuse Etc. During a interactions all these emotions won't solve anything and just ruin your/their day.

So when receiving negative feedback always return with positive feedback. why you might ask, if you want to be a better person then this step is important practice to reach that goal. "Do to others what you would have them do to you". On a spiritual level, this practice is the drive force behind purifying the "MIND,BODY and SOUL". Taking in all the positive and recycling all the negative into positive.

For those who meditate knows the feeling of quiet and calmness that one goes through. But I say to those who meditate when/where are you meditating? Why must you meditate in a quiet area when your always surrounded by noise and beings. Are you living in a forest, wilderness or desert? majority of us live in city/towns where noise is constant. The purpose of meditation is to train your mind and body to be calm and ultimately reach the stage of versatility around noise and remain calm during interactions. To train in a quiet zone will hinder you to use calmness around noise. Therefore practice with the noise and remain positive.

Spiritual person or not can practice this, You'll be amazed when the transition kicks in. Good Luck

I don't know where this thread should be. I'm sorry if its in the wrong place.
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