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Chris & Abe
02-03-2010, 07:42 AM (This post was last modified: 02-03-2010 07:44 AM by minus459.)
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Chris & Abe
Chris and Abe were two elderly gentlemen who met almost everyday on a park bench. Chris was Catholic and Abe was Jewish. They discussed everything without rancour but with an attempt at oneupmanship whenever possible, religion,politics,sex,finance you name it they argued for hours, always in good humour.
One day Chris sat down on the bench next to Abe and excitedly exclaimed "my grandson was ordained a priest yesterday". To which Abe replied "priest schmeist" what's the big deal.
Chris retorted "now that he's a priest pretty soon, because he's so smart, he'll be a bishop"
"bishop schmishop" said Abe "look around you there are hundreds of them in this country already"
Not to be outdone Chris piped up "well not long after that he'll be a cardinal, how about that?"
Abe looked at his good friend and said "cardinal schmardinal, every time there's a new country there's a new cardinal. The way africa's going there's a new cardinal every week"
Now Chris was coming in for the coup de gras " before I die" he said "my grandson will be pope"
"pope schmope any catholic male can be pope"
Chris becoming very frustrated says " he's my grandson, what do you want him to be........Jesus Christ?"
Abe looked at his old friend with a smile and told him "one of our boys did"
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