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Clear Concept of Hindu Dharma (not religion, but dharma)
07-01-2013, 04:36 PM
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Clear Concept of Hindu Dharma (not religion, but dharma)
Nobody seems to have a clear concept about Hindu Religion. So I am trying to give you a concept about Hinduism. Ask me for more, debaters are welcomed.Cool

Hinduism is the oldest practicing religion, it also predates Judaism. Hinduism is at least 5000-10000 years old.

*Hinduism is world 3rd largest religion after Christianity and Islam.

To understand Hinduism first you should know Hindu is not a religion its a "Dharma"

Q & A
Q:What is dharma?
A: The word 'dharma' connotes "that which supports the universe" and effectively means any path of spiritual discipline which leads to God. It is derived from the Sanskrit root dhṛ, which means to uphold. Dharma points to the essential Truth which supports life as we know it. At the same time, it is also shows us the path of righteousness to reach the goal
for more details : Religion vs Dharma

Q:What is Hindu Dharma?
A:The term Hindu was a misnomer used for the people who lived beyond the Sindhu River, and eventually the term Hinduism was coined to denote the Hindu residents of the Indian subcontinent. Hindu Dharma is actually 'Sanatan dharma' which evolved from the Vedic culture of ancient India.Angelic

Q:What is the aim of Hindu Dharma?
A:The aim of the Hindu dharma is Self realization (Ātmajnāna) by each individual (jīva): to seek the Truth, to know the Truth, to be the Truth, to be a liberated soul (jīvanamukta) here and now.

Q:What is the Hindu concept of God?
Before answering this question, it must be unequivocally clarified that for Hindus “God” is not a concept because a concept is a product of the intellect and God is beyond the limitations of the intellect. Having understood that, let us now try to understand who or what God is for the Hindus! From the absolute standpoint, God or the Supreme Being is beyond the plane of physical existence (transcendent), yet within it (immanent), simultaneously surpassing and pervading it.[if you want to know more,ask me]

Q: Hindus are polytheist or Monotheist ?
A: Hindus can be monotheist, polytheist , pantheist or atheist. A favorite Hindu saying "The Truth is One, but different sages call it by different names."
*An atheist who is working for the good of society will be sent to heaven*Angel

Q:What is the Hindu code of Ethics ?
A:Hindus believe in a code of ethics based on 4 pillars of righteous living as defined in the holy book of Hindus "Bhagavad Gita".
Hindu way of righteous living: 1)"tapaḥ"[Austerity] 2)"shaucham"[Purity] 3)"daya"[Compassion] 4)"satyam"[Truthfulness]
*Hindus also believe in "karma"[law of cause and effect] and "ahimsa"[nonviolence]

Q:What is the “Hindu” way of life?
A:Hindus believe that life has a distinct purpose.
Objectives of Life : Dharma (righteous living) ; Artha (material prosperity) ; Kāma (enjoyment) ; Moksha (liberation)

Q:What is the status of women in the Hindu dharma?
A:One of the most profound attributes of Hinduism is the recognition and worship of the Divine as both masculine and feminine. The Supreme Being is beyond gender, but the manifestations are worshipped as both male and female. Many of the sages to whom the Vedas were revealed were women (rishikās). Some old vedic mathematicians were women.Praise

Q:What are the main Hindu scriptures?
A:Hindu scriptures can be classified into several category.
The 4 main ones are shruti (that which is heard), smṛti (that which is remembered), itihasa (history), and puraṇa (the most ancient, yet evernew).
Shruti - 4 Vedas(covering various rituals, forms of worship, and the knowledge of the supreme Truth), Upanishad ( concluding portions of the Vedas) and Vedanta (The teaching based on Vedas and Upanishad)
Smritis - Smritis lay down the laws which regulate Hindu national, social, family and individual obligations. The most important smritis are the ones given by Manu, Yājnavalkya and Parāshara.
Itihasa - Sage Vālmiki’s Rāmāyaṇa and the Mahābhārata composed by Sage Vedavyāsa are the two main epics that are inspirational sagas of Hindus glorious history, and the most important "Bhagwad Gita" whichis a poetic masterpiece that is a sublime combination of the essence of Vedic philosophy and the art of living it in our daily lives.
Puranas-There are 18 main puranas. written by Sage Vedavyāsa. Their aim is to generate devotion to the Lord through concrete examples, lives o legendary saints, kings and great men, allegories and chronicles of great historical events.

Q:What is Hindus holy book?
A:Its "Bhagwad Gita", it describes the 'way of life' simply it is the answer of all questions one can face in life.

[sorry for my bad English, its not my vernacular ][feel free to ask and debate]
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07-01-2013, 04:39 PM
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RE: Clear Concept of Hindu Dharma (not religion, but dharma)
Oh, oh, move this to the hindu forum. You might get in trouble.

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07-01-2013, 04:44 PM
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RE: Clear Concept of Hindu Dharma (not religion, but dharma)
(07-01-2013 04:39 PM)IMtM Wrote:  Oh, oh, move this to the hindu forum. You might get in trouble.

Sad But friend I just wanted to share my knowledge.
Why I might get in trouble? Am I breaking Rules?
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