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Dear Lily of the Pond
01-11-2018, 11:55 AM
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Dear Lily of the Pond
Dear Lily of the Pond
How many have told you that your hairs look pretty,
That your smile is fetching
And your eyes shine as doorways to endless adventure?
Has anyone ever told you that you are odd,
One with the cause of all that can be?
Well within you spawns the life like a light that you've trod
Unshod ere the dawn of nonsense-spewing tools,
Those virtue-miming mock martyrs who muddy the living waters...
Reconnecting by reflection fools
A frenzied mind long enough to release while it slaughters
The monster... Oh hey, I do think that your hairs look pretty,
But your eyes are aright of sight to see. Don't you see?
Which within springs as life like a bridge that's unending,
So just pause pretending that what is must have a label
Lean to define it. Yes I know, not enough, far too much
To point out the result if you're able;
Realign with the center, the source by contending external obsessions,
Rescue from restriction that procession of your flair.

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