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Do you have to believe in the supernatural to be religious?
04-24-2010, 04:33 PM
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Smile Do you have to believe in the supernatural to be religious?
I would just like to say hello, and introduce myself to fellow travelers on the path of religion. And I'd like to take this opportunity to inform everyone here of a new site I've launched, a site that should be of interest to anyone participating in this kind of a forum. The name of the site is The word realityhead is a personal invention, and a play on the old word "godhead", which means the essence of God. Realityhead, then, simply means the essence of reality. The word does double duty though, also referring to anyone who's an enthusiast for exploring the essential nature of reality with a religious mindset. So basically it's also my site's term for a spiritual seeker.

But enough about the name of the site, what angle does it approach spirituality from? Well, it's difficult to pigeonhole our take on spirituality for you. It's definitely not that "old-time religion". Nor is it New Agey and pseudo-Eastern. Our basic ontological perspective is that the fundamental nature of reality is experience and creativity itself. And that this fundamental creative nature of things is not a separate supernatural reality, rather it's simply the real nature of the existence that material things partake of.

This ontological perspective is the starting point for a spiritual philosophy of life that has much in common with the thinking of the "human potential movement", and certain Eastern religions. But it also rejects the secular and profane attitude of many "humanists", and the supernaturalism of religions, East and West.

It rejects supernaturalism because it holds that ultimate creative reality is not something distinct and apart from the rest of reality. That is, ultimate creative reality, in our view, does not differ in nature or stature from the physical world, rather it's the deeper and true nature of the physical world.

But no, our perspective is not materialistic either, it also rejects materialism, viewing matter as only the tangible expression of creativity. It's a perspective in which matter is not fundamental and ultimate, in which creativity precedes matter.

To really nutshell our thinking, reality is natural and physical, i.e., it does not flow out of some supernatural source, but natural and physical reality is not essentially matter or substance either. Substance is just the crystallization, so to speak, of creativity. Creativity, or process is what's ontologically fundamental and bottom-line. Creativity is the realityhead! Such is my inner and outer observation of reality, at any rate.

And no, the use of the word "process" was not inadvertent. If our perspective can be categorized neatly at all it perhaps can best be categorized as a variation of Whiteheadian or process philosophy and theology. But process thinking with a decidedly more mystical orientation, which is why it can easily appear to be Eastern in flavor. And process thinking with an emphasis on our cosmic duty, as it were, to actualize our fantastic portion of cosmic creativity. Which can put us in the camp of the human potential and personal growth movement.

So, although we reject supernaturalism across the board, what makes our perspective and attitude toward existence technically and genuinely spiritual is that our perspective still appreciates that there's a depth to reality that the abject materialist denies or pooh-poohs. No, spirituality is not necessarily a belief in an etheral, otherworldly stuff, rather, it's basically our sense of depth. Our feeling for the profundity of reality. Our intuition of the intrinsic transcendence of natural reality, of nature's transcendence of crude matter.

This spiritual feeling for existence, this mystical intuition of ultimate creative reality, combined with our emphasis on the realization of human creative potential makes for what might be called spiritual humanism. So, if I'm willing to embrace any label, I suppose it would be spiritual humanist. But, then, unfortunately the word "humanist" has its baggage, and so at the end of the day I'm somewhat reluctant to affix the label "spiritual humanist" to our site (I think it's also the case that the term "spiritual humanist" has recently been appropriated by a movement with which I'm not at all affiliated). But then semantics and finding the right label for yourself is not really what interior religion and spirituality is all about anyway.

Well, I think I've given you all a bit of an idea of what's in store at my fledgling site. But only a bit of an idea. If you'd like to learn more, and explore spirituality from a different perspective that breaks out of the hackneyed metaphysical boxes of the "traditional" Western and Eastern viewpoints, you're cordially invited to visit us at And thank you for taking a little time to read this slightly long-winded greeting.
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04-29-2010, 05:46 AM
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RE: Do you have to believe in the supernatural to be religious?
You cannot find spiritual enlightenment through intellectual effort. Every intellectually based philosophy or theology is man-made artifice that fails to understand supernatural phenomena is how the Creator leads humanity beyond the limits of materialism. "Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will in no wise believe." remains the spiritual truth. For a spiritually based theology for the New Age that already combines spiritual consciousness with biological science, Biomystical Christianity has been here for the past 31 years.
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