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English; Spelling, Grammar and Dyslexia
01-21-2010, 08:59 PM
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English; Spelling, Grammar and Dyslexia
A friendly comment here regarding this subject. Whilst I have not participated on the forum much for a while, I still read it every day, read pretty much every thread, and I have noticed people’s spelling and grammar has cropped up a few times.

I know some write English as your second or third language, and that is commendable. I know at least one other forum member is dyslexic.

My suggestion is to try writing your post in Word or another word processor, as it will correct your spelling and grammar, and helps us all understand what is being said. Often topics here get quite complicated, especially regarding key theological ideas, so we can help each other if we make ourselves clear, and have a bit of tolerance for one another.

My dyslexia is not too bad (it was only detected at the start of my third year at uni because I flagged up I was having increasing problems with reading academic texts and writing written exams), and I have developed coping methods, which is why many people don't notice.

Using Word was one of these coping methods. I don’t think I make too many spelling and grammar mistakes on here, and everyone can do the same. I’m not preaching here, but for the extra five / ten mins it takes to make a comment, it can sometimes make your post that bit clearer.

For information, it took me almost 20 mins to write this post to its final state and remove the errors Word did not pick up. (TV is on too though. Damn you interesting Discovery!) Longer ones that I’ve really thought about have taken 45 mins to an hour or so. I’m not joking. I say this just to show I do empathise with various abilities to write.
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