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Evolution, n god
06-01-2009, 05:00 PM
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Evolution, n god
Well.... if evolution was true. where did the monkeys come from? and did you notice how perfect everything created is? look at our bodies, how perfect they function. have you noticed how perfect the moon and sun is? the distance away from them? we have perfect light at night, perfect sun for heat and light in the day. we orbit just right for all the seasons. look at the air? perfect to breath, look at our hair, perfectly made. The bible has many prophecies that came true, it even says the earth is a sphere, and they didnt even know back then. it says Babylon will never be built again. it never has, every time they tried it never worked out. look on google, chariot wheel under the red sea, it is the wheel of the pharaoh.
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07-08-2009, 09:51 PM
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RE: Evolution, n god
perfect implies perfect symmetry like a circle.

hate to burst your perfect illusion...
but in 1956 they discovered something that turned science upside down.
Einstein did not know this...he died in 1955

they discovered the universe is asymmetrical
the occult pentagram is asymmetrical and has the golden ratio embedded in its architecture...

perfect is an illusion
get over it.


NATURE cannot be HIDDEN only VEILeD with NARRATIVES that defy NATURE

CodeX4 and the Reconciliation of Science and Religion
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