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Excerpt-Revealing the bible's truth by Robert G barbaria
02-08-2018, 09:19 AM
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Excerpt-Revealing the bible's truth by Robert G barbaria
About the Author
The Day Before
It was Sunday October 12th 1997 and I had just spent the weekend in Paso
Robles playing in a golf tournament. I hadn’t played very well for the entire
Weekend and with the game of golf being basically my life, I was quite upset
over my poor performance in the tournament that weekend. So after nine holes
of golf on Sunday, 1 decided to drop out of the tournament and get an early start
back to San Jose, California where 1 live. It is about a two-hour drive from Paso
Robles to San Jose so 1 filled my tank with gas in Paso Robles and headed north
on highway 101.
There wasn’t anything that I had found to be unusual about the day except
for a poor round of golf, or I should more correctly say the poor half round of
golf. When I was nearly half of the way home, 1 decided to call a girlfriend of
mine on my cell phone and invite her over for dinner and a drink that evening. 1
did manage to get a hold of her and she accepted my invitation for an early dinner and a drink.
Shortly after I had arrived home my lady friend showed up at my house, and
at that time I shared my weekend experiences over a cocktail with her. This
lady and I had become rather good friends over a few short months, and 1 believe that we both enjoyed each others company. As a matter of fact at that
time she was the only one that I had been dating and we had shared some wonderful moments together and I believe we had a mutual trust as well in each
other. That evening my friend and myself had an early dinner and a few
cocktails, and with both of us having to work the next day at about 11:00pm we
called it quits for the evening.
There really wasn’t anything that I had found to be unusual about the day except for John Denver being killed in an airplane accident. I had heard of his airplane accident on the way home from the tournament and it seemed a bit odd,
as when I had heard it on the radio, 1 was in the same approximate vicinity
where the accident had happened. I was just passing at that time Carmel and the
Monterey Peninsula, which was near the site where John Denver’s aircraft had,
went down.
At about 11:30pm that Sunday evening I called it a night and went off to

bed. That night I slept soundly as 1 most often do, as 1 rarely ever dream and
when my eyes close its
"lights off”, until the following morning.

My Awakening
Sometime after 4:30am on Monday morning the 13th day of October, I awoke
from what seemed like a heavier than normal sleep. My awakening this early
was not very unusual as with me being a golfer I most always woke up at the
crack of dawn. However on this morning when I had awakened I had a very
strange buzzing noise in my ears as though the air around me was vibrating. As
a matter of fact it almost seemed, as though I had been drugged during the
evening while I was asleep. I then got out of bed and went to the bathroom
thinking that I simply hadn’t fully awakened yet, and thought that if I were to
throw some cold water on my face, that the buzzing noise in my ears would
However, it seemed as though the longer I was up the stronger the buzzing
noise became. It seemed as though it was intensifying and not diminishing as I
had hoped it would and now not only were my ears buzzing but also there was
a strange vibration that was coming over my entire body. This phenomena I was
experiencing is very difficult to explain, but it seemed as though I was in between two different dimensions with one of those dimensions being in this
world, and one being someplace else, and I was in between them.
After being awake now for about one-half of an hour and the vibration growing more intense by the moment, I started to become quite concerned as to what
was causing this to happen to me. So I then put on my robe and went down
stairs to the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee, and at the same time I let my
friend Garth in the house. Garth is my pet Alaskan Timber Wolf and although
he is 100% wolf, there isn’t one mean bone in his entire make up,
for he is really quite loving. Once Garth was in the house he then began to stare at me as
though he was looking at a total stranger. He was staring at me with his yellow
piercing wolf eyes and with his staring and the vibration going on throughout
my entire body that was continually intensifying I started to feel extremely
uncomfortable. With Garth being an extremely large animal, weighing well over
150lbs. I thought that I should probably put him back outside, but he went off
into the tiled entryway to lay down so I let him stay in.
With my coffee being brewed now I went into the kitchen to get myself a
cup of coffee in hopes that the coffee would wake me up. But the vibration and
buzzing was getting worse and not better and now I started to tremble with fear
and I said out loud
"What is happening to me?" Then once Garth heard me

speak, he came into the kitchen where I was standing and he then laid himself
down right in front of me, and began once more to stare at me as he had done
earlier. With me feeling very uneasy about Garth’s presence I kept my eyes
fixed on him to watch his every move, and after a minute or so he then again
went back into the entryway to lay.
I had never felt uncomfortable around Garth, but this day it was different and
I didn’t want to take my eyes off of him because I suddenly no longer trusted
him. I had not yet sat down all the while I had been downstairs and was pacing
about the kitchen and the family room uncertain as to what to do with myself,
so I walked over to the entryway to check on Garth. With all the lights in the
lower portion of the house being on it was quite bright, and I decided at that
time to put Garth back out so I could try to deal with my problem. Then, as I
looked at Garth, a glowing face appeared to be coming out of him, and I shut
my eyes quickly and then reopened them thus thinking that my imagination was
running amuck. However, when my eyes were reopened, the face was still there
staring right at me. The face was quite vivid and had an inquisitive set of eyes
that were quite striking. It also had an aura of yellow light that was around the
face making the detail of the face quite clear to me. The color of the eyes and
also the color of the hair were kind of a blue-gray color and the face just continued to stare at me. My first inclination was
"Oh MY GOD, I have just seen Satan". As soon as 1 had thought this thought then the face immediately
Now that I had seen this vision there wasn’t any way that I was going to allow Garth to stay in the house any longer. So I fed him very quickly and put
him back outside. With the vibration still continually increasing and Garth now
put into the back yard, I then sat myself down to try to understand what I was
going through and what had caused this to happen.
I had now been up for approximately one hour and it was about 5:30am and
this odd feeling had grown to the point where I had wanted to scream out of
fear for I was literally horrified by the event that was taking place. I was thinking at that time that there wasn’t any way I would be able to go to work in this
condition and that the people at work would either think 1 was on drugs or was
having some type of mental breakdown. I wasn’t even sure myself that I wasn’t
having some type of mental problem, but there hadn’t been anything in my life
that I was aware of to bring on such a state.


With my body now shaking all over and the buzzing noise at a point of chaos in
my ears, I yelled out,
"What in the world is happening to me?" At that point the
vibration and the buzzing accelerated significantly and I felt as though J had just
been shot out of a cannon, and then a VOICE came to me and said,
I cannot tell you all that THE LORD had said to me on that day, but I can
tell you that HE had told me that the world that I was now living in, would soon
be ending. HE also told me that there was going to be a GREAT RAPTURE,
however at that time I didn’t even know what a great rapture was. GOD told me
many things that morning and as HE spoke I just sat and listened in amazement.
During my conversation with GOD that morning, HE took me in a vision to
the "Cross of Crucifixion"
and when I looked upon the Cross I saw myself
hanging on it. I could literally feel the nails through the palms of my hands as
well as the nail that had pierced my ankles staking both feet to the Cross. Then
while I hung there upon the Cross THE LORD brought my entire LIFE before
me. THE LORD then gave me the opportunity to REPENT for each and every
SIN I had committed in my entire LIFE. HE made them all vividly appear to
me, there wasn’t one of them that HE overlooked.
For many days after this event I thought that I was JESUS CHRIST and that
I had in some way been reincarnated to be back on the earth. But after a few
months of me thinking this way and having continual conversations with GOD,
HE told me that I was not JESUS, but rather "HIS SON ROBERT". GOD also
told me what my heavenly NAME was and for many months thereafter HE
called me by my earthly name with my HEAVENLY NAME proceeding it.
Each and every morning after this event took place the vibration and buzzing
noise would come upon me that of which was followed by THE VOICE of
GOD who would speak to me. Every morning THE LORD would TEACH me
about various things, and HE started with the beginning of CREATION thus explaining to me how everything had started and how that ALL LIFE had come
from a single point of LIGHT. After several months of THE LORD teaching
me, HE told me one day to go out and buy a Bible. However, when I was at the
Bookstore THE LORD had me buy three different versions of the Bible. HE
had me buy the King James 1611 version and as well "The Book" and the "New
Living Translation".
At first HE had me reading out of "The Book", and had me stat with the
Book of Revelation first, rather than having me start with the Book of Genesis
that of which HE had me read after the Book of Revelation. GOD also had me
attend a local church that I went routinely to for exactly one year. After the conclusion of one year, HE then had me change churches and then had me attend

another one for also one year. Then during the first year after THE LORD had
come to me, THE LORD then had me start to write a BOOK.

The first BOOK

The first BOOK that THE LORD had me write took about a year to write and
consisted of two hundred and twenty-two pages. Many of the things that were
put into the BOOK were revealed to me at the time that I was writing them in
the BOOK. I was amazed at how the WORDS and EXPLANATIONS would
just come to me about some very difficult types of subjects. Many of these subjects were well above a normal person’s comprehension levels and spoke to the
consistency of various dimensions that exist that are well beyond this four dimensional world that we live in. All these things were given to me in great
detail, and when I would research some of the things that I was told, I was
shocked to find them completely accurate. The only problem I saw when doing
the research was that many of the books I reviewed could only explain a small
portion of that which I was being taught.
THE LORD also explained various things to me about the ANGELS in
HEAVEN and told me how each and every month, on the 131h day of that month
how I would go through certain SPIRITUAL type changes. Each one of the
changes that I was to go through had a name assigned to it and 1 was told that
some of these SPIRITUAL changes would be somewhat difficult for me to go
through, but HE assured me that HE would get me through them. The names of
these changes along with many other subjects were covered in the first BOOK
along with the details on THE RAPTURE, of how it would take place and when
it was to happen. However, after the first BOOK was completed THE LORD
told me that the BOOK was NOT to be published. GOD told me that the purpose for me writing the first BOOK was for my own edification and that it was
much too revealing to ever be published.

Reading the Bible

After a few short months of me reading out of1The Book" THE LORD had me
quit, and start reading out of the King James 1611 version of The HOLY
BIBLE. Although it was initially hard to understand, the more that I READ the
easier it became to understand what the Scriptures were saying. I initially
started reading the Bible as THE LORD had originally instructed me to do with
"The Book" and started with The Book of Revelation. After completing The
Book of Revelation I went from Genesis through Revelation again reading all of


the sixty-six books contained in the Canon. It took mc nearly one year to read
the Bible the first time and I was quite intrigued by the Scriptures, because the
more that I had read the Bible the more there were questions that I had in regard
to it. My curiosity arose with each and every reading of it. It seemed as though
the more that I had read the Bible the more I was determined to find out the
meaning of the Bible, for I knew that there was more to it than it just being a
history book.
With many questions arising while I was reading the Bible and THE LORD
being ever present with me during the reading of it,
I would ask THE LORD at
times to give me the answers to the many arising questions that had come up
during my reading. Initially at that time, THE LORD would simply tell mc what
the Scriptures were saying, but after my second or third time through the Bible,
GOD then changed HIS FORMAT. What THE LORD did then when I was to
ask HIM a question in regard to the meaning of a Scripture, was HE would send
me to another Scripture within the Bible, and within that Scripture HE would
send me to I would then find the answer to my question.
HE also taught me that within the Scriptures were ALL of the answers to
any question, and that those answers would be obtainable to me once I knew
how to see into the Scripture itself. THE LORD told me furthermore that the
Holy Bible had a self- explanation and a self-verification as well as the answer
to any question that may arise from it. THE LORD also said that all that I
would need to accompany the Bible and assist me in my learning, was an English Dictionary to help me understand the correct meanings of certain
Separation from the Church

After one year of my attending the second Church, THE LORD told me that HE
didn’t want me to attend any longer. HE said that my LEARNING was now to
the point where the teaching of the Scripture by the Church would conflict with
my UNDERSTANDING, and that HE didn’t want me to become CONFUSED
by the Church’s false teaching.
This had already been made somewhat apparent to me as when I attended
the church I saw that many things that were being taught by it definitely CONFLICTED with THE WORD of GOD and the testimony of JESUS CHRIST.
When I asked THE LORD, as to why the Church was teaching in this way and
how that I had believed that the people of that Church were good people and
trying their level best to serve HIM? He then answered me this way: GOD said
that the errors that were in the Church’s teaching were a direct result of the

Read full book here
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02-11-2018, 02:03 AM
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RE: Excerpt-Revealing the bible's truth by Robert G barbaria
If you’re hearing voices in your head... even if you think it’s a god... you should seek professional psychological help.

Does anyone know where the love of God goes
when the waves turn the minutes to hours?
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02-11-2018, 05:23 AM
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RE: Excerpt-Revealing the bible's truth by Robert G barbaria
Could use edit, cuts to readable size, and position in the blog forum.
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02-11-2018, 06:09 AM
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RE: Excerpt-Revealing the bible's truth by Robert G barbaria
Basically it's an advertisement for a book... so it deserves no place here at all.

Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it
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02-17-2018, 11:26 AM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 01:51 PM by Visqueen.)
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RE: Excerpt-Revealing the bible's truth by Robert G barbaria
Hi my name is burke and I've spent close to two hours out of the vast expanse of loneliness that is my life, on my latest attempt to disrupt this site. I hope that you all take pity on me, after all I'm only looking for someone to play with as I have been shunned my whole life by those who couldn't understand the depth of my mental health issues. I am a very small person with delusions of grandeur and I am desperately trying to make my wasted time here count for something. I do know that it doesn't but I am compelled to keep trying out of sheer loneliness and boredom.

Won't anyone listen to me and be my friend? I wish I had more power in my life, this is all I can do.
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