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Face To Face with God
03-26-2010, 01:30 AM (This post was last modified: 03-26-2010 01:35 AM by avatar.)
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Face To Face with God
Face to Face with Supreme Cosmic Energy....?
1: God can appear in His original form. But you are not attuned to receive Him. You have to insulate yourself. For a normal 220-volt electricity, you take all precautions like wearing rubber gloves and sandals or holding on to a wooden desk. Similarly, you must prepare yourself for receiving the Lord’s Presence. Penance, meditation and prayers combine to charge you with enough electricity to bear the flow of the Highest Voltage Energy called God.
2: When a surgeon enters an operation theatre, he covers his nose, wears gloves and sanitized shoes. This is to prevent the patient from getting infected. When you visit the atomic energy unit, you are given a protective garment to wear; this is to ensure that you are not affected by the radiation. Science guides you to keep yourself insulated. God is such a Mighty Dynamo. He knows we have not yet mellowed and so He does not appear in His original Form. And just because He cares for us so much, is no reason why you must doubt His very Presence.
3: Most of you are familiar with the Himalayas on the map only. You have not seen those mountains in person. Does that negate the presence of the Himalayas? Many of you have not visited New York. Does that mean that that place does not exist? You have to take the required efforts, buy plane tickets and travel to that place. Similarly,there is a certain route to traverse to the destination called God. There are some prescribed routines to follow that will help you attain Him.
4: At the M.I.T. in USA, a person asked , ‘Can you reveal God right now?’ I asked him, ‘What course are you pursuing at the University?’ and he replied, ‘Ph.D.’. ‘How many years of study?’ I asked him, to which he said, ’Ten years.’ He had been researching various books and treatises for a minimum of 15 hours a day. I told him, ‘Towards a Ph.D. degree, you have done thesis on a miniscule fraction of some scientific truth. God is The Entire Truth. Do you feel He must be perceivable in a split second? Don’t you feel that you have to perform eons of penance to attain Him?’
5: How will you ever make a person understand what an apple looks like, till he has seen it for himself? Even in the worldly sense, you are able to understand an object’s appearance based on experience only. God is an inexplicable being and we do not have any prior knowledge of Him. That is why we do not understand His Presence. We discern an unknown being only through a known object. And none of those who have known Him was in a position to express his or her experience. Secondly God is not an object. It is neither an object nor a subject. It is an experience of subjectivity. We can become God; if we say we have seen God, we are uttering lies. This is because God is not outside. He is within everyone; He is everything on Earth.
"He who seeks God with absolute sincerity is sure to comprehend God. This is why no one ever arrives at the actual answer to this question. ‘Those who have seen, have not explained. Those who attempt to explain, have not seen’. Why have those who have seen, unable to explain? They have only been able to experience that bliss of Divinity; it is not possible to express it in words".
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