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Fire Came Down From Heaven
07-14-2011, 10:37 PM (This post was last modified: 07-14-2011 10:42 PM by S-word.)
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Fire Came Down From Heaven
It is my belief that the swaddling cloud that will surround the earth and save us from the initial burst of cosmic radiation, before the thousand year rule of our God and saviour who raised Jesus from death, will be created by a super volcanic explosion equal to the volcanic explosion 75,000 years ago, and that it will be triggered by an atomic war in the Middle East.


In dream I saw the heavens ablaze with balls of fire
Huge hailstones that were burning and streaking down the sky
The earth was clothed in purple, dark orange and deep blue
Like a swaddling cloth surrounding us that hid the stars from view
Dark clouds rose from the mountain peaks, earth’s veins were opened wide
Through which her inner blood spewed forth, in streams of living fire
Whole continents, they heaved and tossed, wave rippled through the ground
In all the earth, no hiding place of safety could be found.

The oceans boiled, they foamed and rose, destroying cities on their shores
All the river dams were busted valley towns were seen no more
The power stations of the earth all were melted down
A few survivors of the human race were all that could be found
And then I saw the winter, a winter so severe
It lasted not a few short months, but many, many years
And the women who were pregnant, O God! The children that they bore
Grotesque and hideous malformations, I pray to see that sight no more

Then when the winter lifted and crops began to grow
A strange and eerie world emerged, from the destruction and the snow
A world with neither day nor night, where even rainbows couldn’t form
In the atmosphere above the earth, and yet the air was strangely warm
A thousand years or twilight and through that swaddling band on high
Three blood red giants were glowing through a hazed and orange sky
The sun and moon had turned to blood, yet far brighter than the moon
Was Jupiter the heavenly light, which in time would spell man’s doom....By S-word.
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