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Found It For A Moment
09-12-2017, 10:49 AM (This post was last modified: 09-13-2017 10:30 AM by IMtM.)
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Found It For A Moment
Found It For A Moment
9/12/17 e.v.
Welcome to this Land you'd always longed for
But have never seen
Because this Land is not a place,
It is boundless happiness,
It is the soul of all your dreams.

All the good times that you've shared
With your someone special,
Someone new and yet familiar,
Past and present near the same.
But it's not the same,
And that's an unknown blessing that you cherish in your heart.
You are searching for the difference in that someone
Until your great destiny seems to get in the way.
Then, when you open your eyes and see
That the one that you love so much has come to you again
Against the odds,
Crossing every obstacle to be with you,
You know it's true.
No matter what happens,
Even when you are all alone,
This one that you adore will always be there...
Be there for you.
You open your eyes and see.
And in that moment you smile,
For you realize that your special someone is the promise of happiness that you've sought.
Then you are taken away.
The loss of a life.
Cold mandala.

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