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From Anywhere
06-09-2017, 12:20 PM
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From Anywhere
I sought my muse to set my
Thoughts in solid rain,
My words,
They're always raining in the sunny, open plane
That takes the photographs so clear,
So neat and so dear,
Upon the plain they remain...
My memories.

If you hear to listen to a song
It's all along a river of water in your head.
What they say instead
Is the center of the meaning
That is leaning upon the basis of the dais.
Fractualize the heart of empty solid giving
In the end, you play your part.

No one knows,
No one knows,
Does anyone know how to listen?

I sought my muse to set my
Fire upon the grasses
That wove the thinking of the masses
In a certain, structured way
That made the day a little open,
It won't open until you try.
Who's behind the light in your own gaze?
Erase, define,
This sets the line of belief in what you say.

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