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From Global Warming/Climate Change to Global Sunday Laws
04-18-2017, 12:05 PM
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RE: From Global Warming/Climate Change to Global Sunday Laws
(04-14-2017 08:35 PM)Trump-it Wrote:  
Quote:Apostasy is etymologically related in Greek to words used in contexts of divorce. Make of that what you will.

That is true. The ONLY places we can go to understand 'apostasy' is 2Thes. 2 and Acts 21 because that's the only two places the word is used in the NT where it is actually translated "forsake." Apostasy does have an unusual array of meanings. To not derail this thread, I'll do a thread on apostasy.

Quote:You could read 2 Thessalonians 2 as saying, there shall be a divorcing, does it mean an ecclesiastical divorcing? I would think so. It brings to mind the unfaithful wives in Ezekiel representing Samaria and Jerusalem, who become harlots. The Church is portrayed as a woman, and there is a harlot of Babylon to be accounted for in Revelation. Was she once the Bride of Christ?

I don't believe the Church is represented in the harlot of Revelation 17. So to not derail this thread on that either I'll start one of that.

I'd like to hear more about 'apostasy' -- is it started yet?
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