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04-27-2010, 08:42 PM
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If all laws of the known universe apply to all matter ( everything in existence ), both organic and non-organic, then the following apply's.

matter = all matter is either

1 single molecule or
2 or more molecules formed together to form a duplicate, or a new element altogether.

LIFE - organic matter ( still matter, so must still follow the same laws )

then all LIFE is either.

1 single celled organism or
2 or more single celled organisms formed together to form a duplicate, or a new organism altogether.

( which Life is exactly that, so it follows the same rules.

The universe contains all of the matter that we know exists.

The universe also contains all organic matter that we know, and do not know about yet.

We know that living organic matter, can have a consciousness.

as far as we know, non organic matter does not have a consciousness ( and debating this is futile, as NO ONE knows )

If the universe is ALL MATTER, then well I guess technically it is SOLID.

so we are in one GIANT SOLID BODY.

we know we have consciousness, so by applying laws of matter, that consciousness would also fill the universe.

SO GOD is the consciousness of the BODY ( the universe )

just as " WE " are the consciousness of our body's, and so on, and so one


universe: FINITE
INFINITE: the number of universes within our universe, and the number of universes we are within.


big bang -- expansion -- ????


big birth -- - growth -- death

as each universe ( dies ), another is born,

so the number of universes seems infinite, but a universe is just following the basic laws of life an death and rebirth, and so on , and so one.


physics, space, time, energy, matter, motion, gravity, etc.

If this THEORY can stand up to ALL laws, what does that mean ??

( of course I studied : biology, genetics, theology, philosophy, engineering, history, physics, and some others. After variety is the spice of life )

Just a thought.

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05-22-2010, 10:22 AM
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This hypothesis doesn't really make sense, sorry.
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05-26-2010, 11:47 PM (This post was last modified: 05-27-2010 04:05 PM by prdamico.)
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(05-22-2010 10:22 AM)Jakeman Wrote:  This hypothesis doesn't really make sense, sorry.

Maybe it is you who does not think sensibility.

What laws of NATURE or PHYSICS does my theory break ??

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06-24-2010, 06:51 AM
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I do believe in the existence of god. God do exists in the hearts of people. Though we can not see him but of course we can feel his presence. It is this godly, divine power only that enables me to face all the challenges of life.

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06-25-2010, 08:39 PM (This post was last modified: 06-25-2010 09:01 PM by nickos.)
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hi! i think you and anybody who has tried to comment on this thread are misled!it's not your fault just as it wasn't the fault of any human over the past two thousand years! the thing is, the bible doesn't give a good explanation of 'god'. what i am now going to tell you was 'arrived at' by 'piecing together' various 'clues' that my 'voices' hinted at(yes, after two years of voices was diagnosed schizophrenic)!...

the word 'god' really means 'all angels'...the angels attain a 'rank' in the army of angels and the angels at the top are able to 'influence' life on earth by 'voces'. the so-called 'archangel' is simply the 'messenger from god' who tells each and every messiah just what they are,i.e. i heard(early on in my psychosis)'you are the new messiah'. i was still at college,had about 6 months left,and i heard the same voice say other stuff such as 'he would be a good father figure' as i walked towards one of my tutors. when i finally finishd college and was thrown out of home, the archangel was my 'father figure' and i nicknamed him 'bob bagley'(bob = wow). i had a handful of hallucinations, one of which was the outline of a man who was waving at me(whom i thought was bob)...if you want to know more, then go to my

basically, all ANGELS are equal(but men are not)and they 'do the work' of a collossal 'Being'(for arguments sake it looks like an alien!)who in turn, is playing a game with a similar Being, with the universe!

one of the first of many songs and albums i 'twigged' to was 'free all angels' by Ash. secretly i think 'bobs' REAL name on earth may well have been 'pat wheeler'(the ash singers "late great mighty pat wheeler").obviously, i also think ash are the 3 wise men.their song 'jesus says' was set in NYC about a year before i was anointed, in NEWbury,UK. i even wrote to ash on my second hospital admission in november 02.about 6 months after i first wrote,the singer jamelia released 'superstar'.the part of he song which struck me as odd was 'put pen to a feeling we'll see you later...'.metallica's 'leper messiah'(because like schizophrenia, leprosy was terminal and an illness),mansun's 'special/blown it', beatles 'sunking',quinn the eskimo(because quinn is nick backwards AND i was often left feeling i was 'out in the cold'!)...therre are a LOT!

basically 'god' IS the afterlife.therefore it is obvious that no human will EVER see 'god'?!!!?

going back to the subject of this forum category-is it REALLY that fair to place 'voice hearers' on medication?how else would any sort of 'god' communicate with the living?
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