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At the Great Warning

Messsages to John Leary

Thursday, July 3, 2008 (St. Thomas)

Jesus said: My people, during the WARNING you will be given the knowledge to NOT take a microchip in your body, and NOT to worship the Antichrist.

Some souls will have a desire to be converted, while others will return to their former sinful lifestyles.

Those, who have a DESIRE TO BE SAVED, will also be made aware of a desire to be led to My refuges by their angels, when the evil ones will take over.

Those, who SINCERELY DESIRE to be with Me, will be open to having their guardian angels lead them to the safety of My refuges, where My angels will protect them.

Be grateful that I will offer My protection for all of those who love Me and want to be converted.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jesus said: My people, these visions are a preview of what it will be like DURING THE WARNING, OR AT YOUR DEATH, when you will review each day of your life outside of time and out of your body.

The flowers are shown because each day lasts but a moment and it is over, even as flowers last but a short time.

Each day, that is given to you in life, is an opportunity for grace and good deeds.

At your mini-judgment, or judgment at your death, you will be held ACCOUNTABLE for what you did for each day of your life.

You will be held ACCOUNTABLE for how you loved Me and your neighbor each day.

You will also be ACCOUNTABLE for how you used your talents and gifts.

Your good deeds and kindnesses will store up TREASURE for you in heaven.

You will be MOST ACCOUNTABLE for your sins of both commission and omission.

During your Warning experience, you will be able to remember vividly all of the sins, that you did NOT have forgiven in Confession, and those sins of omission that were not mentioned either.

You will have a deep sorrow for your sins, and a strong desire to seek My forgiveness, the forgiveness of those that you violated, and a need to forgive others of offenses against you.

Many souls returning to their bodies [after the Warning experience] will be most open to your evangelization for conversion and a return to My sacraments, especially Confession.

Be ready to bring as many souls to Me as possible, as the Warning will be one of My greatest extensions of My mercy that you have yet to experience.

Give praise and glory to Me for granting this grace of My mercy to even the most grievous of sinners.

Everyone will be given this same opportunity at the same time.
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07-30-2008, 08:06 AM
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In June 1981, the Blessed Virgin Mary was reported to have appeared to a number of young people in the vicinity of Medjurgorje in Yugoslavia. The extraordinary aspect of these apparitions are that they are continuing to the present day.

Our lady has stated that she has come to call the world to urgent repentance and conversion to God. She gives us grave warnings that God's chastisement is soon to fall upon the world, but can be mitigated by prayer and penance. She asks each of us to pray the complete 15 decades of the Rosary daily, and to fast on bread and water on Wednesday and Friday.

This century is remarkable for the number of apparitions of Jesus and Mary. Our Lady of Fatima is perhaps the most well known, but since then, three separate visitations of Jesus and Mary stand out in terms of the importance of the message that was proclaimed.

In each case the message to us is that God loves us with infinite love and compassion, and calls all of humanity to a loving friendship with him by repenting of our sins and converting our lives into conformity with His commandments.

We are told that we must choose whether we will meet Him through the gates of His Mercy, or the gates of His Justice.

There are no other options: indifference or indecision is, in effect, a choice for God's Justice!

Blessed Virgin Mary

She has given each of the seers several secrets concerning the future of the world. Each seer will receive ten secrets in all and when this has been accomplished, the apparitions will cease.

Medjurgorje has become a site of pilgrimage to hundreds of thousands of Christians, and numerous miracles of healing and conversion have been widely reported. The complete Medjurgorje story is beyond the scope of this leaflet, but has been well documented in many of the books that have been written on Medjugorje.

In a report that Father Tomislav Vlasic sent to the Pope and to the Bishop of Mostar at the end of 1983, he gave a summary of the messages and warnings given by Our Lady to the seers:

"The ninth and tenth secrets are grave matters. They are a chastisement for the sins of the world. The punishment is inevitable because we cannot expect the conversion of the entire world. The chastisement can be mitigated by prayers and penance. It cannot be suppressed. An evil which threatened the world, according to the seventh secret, has been eliminated through prayer and fasting, Mirjana said. For that reason, the Blessed Virgin continues to ask for prayer and fasting: "You have forgotten that with prayer and fasting you can ward off wars, suspend the laws of nature".

After the first warning the others will follow within a rather brief period of time. So it is that people will have time for conversion.

This time is a period of grace and conversion. After the visible sign, those who are still alive will have little time for conversion. For that reason, the Blessed Virgin calls for urgent conversion and reconciliation."

The invitation to prayer and penance is destined to ward off evil and war and above all to save souls.

According to Mirjana, we are close to the events predicted by the Blessed Virgin. Because of this, Mirjana says to mankind: "Convert yourselves as quickly as possible. Open your hearts to God"
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07-30-2008, 08:07 AM (This post was last modified: 08-19-2009 04:10 PM by God Rocks.)
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We will see ourselves

Vision to Littlest of Servants

June 27, 2008

I was in Church after Mass, and I was praying, and I saw JESUS as HE is in HIS DIVINE MERCY PICTURE.

HE spoke, and told me, that soon all mankind, each person, WILL SEE THEMSELVES as GOD sees them.

That as a result of this SHOCK many will suffer, and some will even die.

All will know at that time their eternal destination, HEAVEN, PURGATORY, OR HELL.

HE made it clear to me, that this event is VERY, VERY CLOSE, and that we all need to PRAY HARDER.

That this event will be difficult for everyone, but that it was necessary to change the direction of the world.


very very important messages here for all mankind! read them!

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07-30-2008, 08:08 AM
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do not worry about what all the atheists say - we know they are completely and utterly wrong

God has always existed in Heaven with His Son Jesus seated at His right hand

all our lives are only possible because of God - in His infinite love He created mankind - He only did it out of love - so that we could know what love is and what it feels like - the greatest force there is

people do bad things and then they blame God for it - typical view of the atheists really - God to them does not exist but somehow a non-existent being is to blame for all the bad things

you see the hypocrisy - they will only believe when the Great Warning comes - at this time all will be on their knees including us believers

but amazingly some of them will still refuse to believe - thus condemning themselves

i wish they would believe - but they refuse - we only want them to believe so that they can save their souls from a fate worse than death

that is the real reason we want them to believe - we do not want them to be lost to hell

but it really is up to them - i know God exists for a fact with 100% absolute certainty - i am unwavering in that belief because of the things that have happened to me recently - you see i have been attacked in the night by the bad spirits - the forces of evil

it does not bother me really - i am still here and know that Jesus is protecting me - i called out to Jesus when the last attack happened and i saw a bright white light in the distance and it was at this time that the demon left me

my faith is more than words can say - more than my life itself - my desire is to go to Heaven - i do not really care for the things of this world - money fame etc - it means nothing

soon great change will come in our lives - the anti-christ mentioned in the bible is soon to rise up

do not please dear friends take the mark of the beast - if you do you are lost forever - our world will be in chaos and disarray

then the anti-christ will come and under the guise of the efficient allocation of resources(food) he will require all mankind to take his mark - you see he will make it seem like he has all the answers to our problems - many will rush to him thinking he has all the answers but they will be deceived - all part of the great lie and great deception

people will be suffering greatly - even us here will be suffering and we will be looking for a saviour to help us - he will pretend to be Jesus - but he is not

the anti-christ's objective : to drag as many souls away from God in to the hands of satan

do not be fooled - i am telling you in the hope that you will not be lost

the foundations are currently being laid around the world for his appearance(he will actually appear after the great warning has been given to all mankind) - the high cost of food and oil is the start of it - all designed to create much trouble for people

to make us desperate to make us do anything to survive - do not waiver in your faith dear christians - the road to heaven is only gained through suffering - Jesus Himself suffered greatly for all of us

it is coming - do not be like the many who have been fooled by the lies of satan - denying that God exists - He does exist - it is all only possible because of Him
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07-30-2008, 08:09 AM
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dear friends

soon the anti-christ will come to power - do not under any circumstances look into his eyes for they have great demonic power

do not under any circumstances take the mark of the beast - you will need this to work or to buy or sell - if you take this mark you are sealing your own doom

better to die of hunger and thirst than to spend eternity in Gehenna(hell)

it is rumoured that he is a muslim cleric - well satan did create islam so that makes sense - remember islam denies the Holy Trinity of God and that Jesus is the Son of God and satan wants all the world to do this - he is the great anti-christ after all so what better way for him to claim many souls by getting them to deny Jesus christ

you cannot go to Heaven if you deny Jesus - satan knows this and that is why he created islam - remember Jesus said "if you deny me i will deny you before the Father"

this is all part of satan's great lie and deception on the world - but soon the truth will be revealed to all mankind and the lies and deception will be over

the current food crisis around the world and the high price of oil are the foundations being laid for the anti-christ to come to power - this is how it will be done

under the guise of efficient allocation of resources (food will be scarce everywhere) all will be required to take a mark on their right hand or forehead - this is the mark of the beast - the anti-christ's sole objective is to drag as many souls as possible away from God into the HANDS OF SATAN

you see tough times are coming - very tough indeed - and the anti-christ will rise up and he will make it seem that he has all the answers to our problems - but of course he has a great ulterior motive - the world will be in disarray and he will come and make it look like he has all the answers - again this is part of the great deception

do not be fooled by this - you see the signs already starting - riots have taken place recently over rising food prices and the oil price is crazy - the forces of evil are managing this in order to bring in the anti-christ

do not be fooled by this - open your eyes to the truth

all i have told you is true - i wish for you to know so that you may be saved from hell

dear atheists

God gave mankind free will - we can all see the disastrous consequences of that in our world today

look at the terrible problems we have - war greed disease sin killing abortion love of money etc

these are a result of our free will - God will come and say "i gave you free will to do as you please and look at what you have done"

"now i will take away that free will and you will only be able to do good things"

anyone who rebels against this shall of course disappear to some other place - Jesus reign of peace is about to be ushered in - no more tears or pain or dying - only good things will be allowed and we will rejoice and be glad that the evil one and all his followers are in hell

and if you do not want this you too shall perish - only those who wish for God and all His goodness shall remain

you see God has allowed mankind his own free will and we have made a real mess of things as God knew we would

so He shall return to wipe away all bad things and leave only goodness and light

please dear atheists do not fall victim to the great lie and deception of satan - to deny Jesus and God

if you do this you do know the consequences - please choose for God and live forever with Him in Heaven

remember it is satan who wishes for all mankind to deny God - in doing this you deny yourself the chance to go to Heaven
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07-30-2008, 08:11 AM
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Posted: Fri May 30, 2008 1:42 pm


America, I must now strike
The Littlest of Servants
May 22, 2008

« I AM WHO I AM is coming. MY JUSTICE is at your very door. The day of your reckoning is near. THE THUNDER OF MY JUSTICE will be heard worldwide. AMERICA how I have loved you. AMERICA you once treated ME as a groom would treat his new bride. AMERICA why have you FORSAKEN your GOD ? MY eyes are filled with tears as I look at you.
AMERICA the nation that I AM has favored more than any in history. AMERICA I MUST NOW STRIKE YOU TO BRING YOU TO YOUR SENSES. AMERICA I will bring you to your knees, and by doing this I AM will save you. If I do not strike you AMERICA, you will be completely lost. MY PERFECT JUSTICE is now so near.


Worry for California & Nevada
Message To Michael DiBitetto
May 18, 2008

"Our Lady Of Fatima"

My Dear, Dear Children.Disasters Continue. You Have Seen And Heard Of A Major Earthquake In China. And People Are Saying: Why I Did Not Mention China ? Yet I Mentioned California And Nevada. My Dear, Dear Children. Must I Tell You Of Every Disaster ? Just To Show That I Do Exist And I Speak ?


China Is Filled With So, So Much, Evil. These Disasters In China Is Only A Minor Set Back For The Evil Ones ... For The Good Ones. Yes It Is A Major Disaster. Especially Losing Over 50,000 Lives. And All The Lives That Were Taken In China ... All Do Not Go To The Kingdom Of Heaven ... Nor Purgatory.There Is About 20,000 Of Those Souls Which Were Condemned To Hell. For All The Evil. And No Repentance. My Dear, Dear Children.As I Had Just Said: Disasters Still Occur.

PRAY FOR CALIFORNIA AND NEVADA. THEY MUST BE AWARE OF A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE. They've Had Tremors And Some Very Minor Quakes. But Do They Realize Why ?


My Dear, Dear Children. Please Continue To Pray For Pope Benedict The XVI.
Pray For His Intentions. That He Follows What He Wants To Do. Pray For Your Bishops And Cardinals. And Especially Your Priests. Pray For The New Priests That Were Ordained. That They Listen To The Good Ones. And Not To The Priests, That Do Not Care And Feel They Are Only Doing A Job.

My Dear, Dear Children.Look How Things Are Changing. Your Weather. The Weather People Say One Thing. Like It's Going To Be Sunny And Warm. And Yet It Turns Out To Be Rain And Chilly. No One Is In Control Of The Weather. No One Except God - Our Father.The Days Are Going By Faster And Faster. There Is Not Enough Time In A Day For Everyone To Do Something.

Before You Turn For Something Time Has Passed. And This Is The Reason.
Is That Because of The Return Of My Son Your Lord And Savior Jesus Christ Is Near ?People Do Not Have Much Time To Pray. People Do Not Have Much Time To Believe In Your Lord, My Son Jesus Christ ? They Do Not Have Time To Believe In Me ? That I Appear And Speak.

My Dear, Dear Children. I Love You All So Very, Very Much. And I Protect You Under My Mantle, And I Bless You In The Name Of Our Father, My Son, And The Holy Spirit.

All will not be in vain
Message from Mother of Perpetual Light

I know, my dear children, that you're doing your best,and sometimes you're so tired that you can't even rest.The crosses each day are now harder to bear especially for those still united in prayer.You are asking, dear children, if this will ever end,and how many more crosses will God yet still send.God's aware, my dear children, of your mounting frustration;these trials you must pass to survive the tribulation.


The sword that the Father now holds in his hand IS STRIKING THE EARTH AND WILL SOON REACH YOUR LAND.You will witness the price that's about to be paid for the sins of mankind by the choices they made. If it were not for the Remnant, God this earth would destroy,but He promised to them a new land filled with joy.There will be no more tears, no more sorrow, nor pain,and you'll know that your crosses were not carried in vain.

"Thy will be done"
May 17, 2008
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08-01-2008, 06:43 AM
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Life on a New Earth

Life on a New Earth

Message of GOD through Suzanna

To the world

July 18, 2008 2:40 am

Note: JESUS calls me His Rose Dove. Papa GOD calls me His Pearl Of Great Price.

JESUS: "My beloved Rose Dove, the hidden ones are My remnant.

They are hidden in Me.


I shall put them in a cleft of a rock."

(Then He showed me caves, the different refuges, tents, wooden buildings, houses, places of refuge.)

"I will hide them.

Behold I am the Light of the world.

All those that seek Me, shall find Me.

I will light their path."

(I saw JESUS the Son of GOD sitting on His throne.

A light was radiating out of His Eyes and all around Him and out of all His Holy Wounds.

His whole Being was aglow with holiness. I see Him right now.)

JESUS: "I will bring My remnant into the Light and out of the darkness.

They shall cleave to Me and I will gather them to My Bosom."

(Then I saw the Lord JESUS gathering each of us all to Him, one at a time.)

JESUS: "Behold I cometh."

I heard a voice declare:

"I rideth across the sky in chariots of fire with My vast army to fight the last fight before the REIGN OF PEACE descends upon the earth.

My remnant will be well hidden.

None shall die that are mine."

(And he showed me the ground was full of blood, and all of the enemy were dead and none of the Lord's Army were scratched.

It was miraculous.)

JESUS: "But first WAR AND FAMINE will cover the earth.

Fear will strike everyone's heart.

Even the evil men will tremble at GOD's Wrath.

For they will have no control over what GOD shall do.

GOD will bring the wicked and the remnant to their knees.

My remnant no matter what happens, praise the Lord for your redemption draws nigh.

Behold, I stand on Mount Zion.

You are all Mine, sealed with the Mark of thy GOD since the beginning of time."

(I see JESUS standing on this mount overlooking Zion.

I'm seeing it all being done in the vision.)


Prepare ye for I shall dispatch My Angels to go forth TO COLLECT MY REMNANT, and bring them forth into the places I have prepared for them.

Behold, Susanna, my Rose Dove, all the waste and barren lands, stripped of everything."

(And I, Susanna, was placed upon a huge mountain next to JESUS, and I saw the barren mountains and rocks.

There was nothing.

It was all desolate, barren.)

Then JESUS spoke: "Behold, my Rose Dove."

(And now I look upon the earth, the earth which was dry and bare and cracked was now coming to life.

Wee plants were coming out of the earth through the cracks and reaching heavenward as if being drawn up by the Hand of GOD.

Flowers were being re-born more colorful and bright than before.

They were swaying to and fro and bowing down to their Creator.

I hear birds singing and rejoicing, and you know what was so beautiful ?

It sounded like the rocks were rejoicing when the wind was blowing through them.

Even the wind blowing through the rocks is making a joyful sound.

The tall grasses are greener.

I see small animals, rabbits and squirrels to name a few.

There are chipmunks and raccoons and all kinds of small animals running and playing tag.

I see pure white lambs and their "baa"s are joyful.

And they, too, are playing with one another.

All around I am surrounded with such beauty.)

And JESUS said: "Look up and tell them what you see, My Rose Dove."

(I see a new sky, bluer and purer than ever before with pure white, fluffy clouds and an eagle flying overhead calling out to all GOD's creation.

I stood there and I said, "Wow !"

I see a beautiful white dove, and it stopped in the middle of the sky, and spread its wings out as far as they would go in both directions (from East to West).

This golden light shines forth from each feather, and it's shining down upon the earth from the East to the West, from the right to the left, and down below its body - all this is like - you know how the wings tip up ?

Its like an arc of light radiating.

And the light from the HOLY SPIRIT is the Peace of GOD touching every part of the earth.

The dove (HOLY SPIRIT) is suspended in the sky.

It is magnificent -- so pure, so holy.)

And the LORD said: "Look."

(And the LORD showed me the water of a vast lake, and it was sparkling and pure, and seemed to shimmer and below the water were fish of all sizes.)

And the LORD said: "Now there is plenty for all."

And JESUS said: "Look."

(And JESUS waved His Arms toward a huge field filled with wheat so golden and pure.)

JESUS: "This is the field of plenty. No one will ever go hungry again."

(I turned and I looked because I heard laughter, and I saw many people dancing and laughing, waving the wheat in thanksgiving to the Father of Creation.

I never saw such happiness and such peacefullness on anybody's faces as on the faces of these people.

They were truly, truly happy and so at peace.

I then saw a huge buck deer with a head of antlers spreading out as a crown upon its head, standing over its herd.

He is magnificent.)

And the LORD spoke to the deer: "Go and re-procreate."

(Then the deer buck made a sound that came out of him like a trumpet call and all the herd, that were grazing, looked up.

They were waiting for the next command.)


And I said: "O Papa GOD, thank You!"

And I started praising Him.

Then JESUS spoke: "Behold!"

(And pointed His Arm from one corner of the earth to the other.

And I saw such beauty and I saw such peace and joy over the earth.)

Then JESUS spoke: "Look, My Rose Dove."

(And I looked where JESUS was pointing.

And I saw children laughing and playing, and running all around.

Some were running through a stream.

And I saw their mothers laughing, and I heard their fathers laugh, also.

I looked and saw such magnificent trees with lush green leaves and huge limbs.

Some of the older children are up in the trees, laughing; some hanging by the backs of their knees.

There is no fear, I suddenly realized.

Only peace, joy, love, and such purity.

And I saw Angels watching over every one.

The Angels are so tall, with white, flowing garments.

And I saw a small little child, a toddler just learning how to walk, who toddled over to his Angel, and he grabbed onto the Angel's tunic and leg, and looked up at his Angel and smiled.

And the Angel was looking down and smiling at the child as it clung to the white tunic and leg of the Angel.)

JESUS SPOKE: "Behold, Susanna, My Rose Dove."

(And I looked and saw that it was night.

But the sky was alight with millions and billions and billions of brilliant, shining stars. )

Then JESUS said: "Look deep into the stars, Susanna My Rose Dove."

(And I looked.

And behold I saw my Papa GOD sitting down on His throne looking down on all His creation, and I knew He was well pleased.

And I fell prostrate to my knees, bowing my head to the ground, for no man looks upon the Father GOD.)

And GOD said: "Rise, child Mine, and cometh hither."

(And I rose, and I was before GOD with my eyes looking at my feet and my head bowed down.

And GOD reached forward with His Hands and picked me up, and placed me on His Lap against His Bosom and said: "Rest now.

You have done well.

You have done enough."

And I put my cheek over GOD's Heart and closed my eyes as He held me tenderly in His loving Arms.)

And GOD spoke: "Behold My Pearl of Great Price.

Behold My daughter.

Harken unto her words, and all I have shown her, for she is truly Mine and My anointing is upon her.

I GOD, thy FATHER, have spoken."

"And I, JESUS, Son of the Most High GOD, have spoken.

Go in Peace.

I love you."

"Behold "

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09-16-2010, 12:33 PM
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(07-30-2008 08:07 AM)haggis Wrote:  We will see ourselves

Vision to Littlest of Servants

June 27, 2008

I was in Church after Mass, and I was praying, and I saw JESUS as HE is in HIS DIVINE MERCY PICTURE.

HE spoke, and told me, that soon all mankind, each person, WILL SEE THEMSELVES as GOD sees them.

That as a result of this SHOCK many will suffer, and some will even die.

All will know at that time their eternal destination, HEAVEN, PURGATORY, OR HELL.

HE made it clear to me, that this event is VERY, VERY CLOSE, and that we all need to PRAY HARDER.

That this event will be difficult for everyone, but that it was necessary to change the direction of the world.


very very important messages here for all mankind! read them!

*linked deleted by moderator*

Since you got the word from Him, would you mind explaining how one gets from here to heaven, to purgatory or to hell. Does one take the bus, the train or fly there by plane? How does one go from purgatory to either of the other two, heaven or hell? How long does the journey take? Is it instantaneous or say hours or days maybe years?
I would appreciate some answer that complies with the laws of physics, not just pure imagining.
Thanks you
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09-16-2010, 01:30 PM
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(09-16-2010 12:33 PM)Kathie Bondar Wrote:  Since you got the word from Him, would you mind explaining how one gets from here to heaven, to purgatory or to hell. Does one take the bus, the train or fly there by plane?
No idea, but I suggest you get a return ticket just in case the Buddhists are right.
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