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God, History, and World Events Today Part 1(with VIDEO)
11-12-2008, 09:53 AM (This post was last modified: 11-14-2008 07:37 AM by Question_It.)
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Exclamation God, History, and World Events Today Part 1(with VIDEO)
You are about to learn the shocking truth of WHO really runs our government. You are about to discover WHY our economy is in such bad shape and WHO is really responsible (NOT what you've been told). You are also going to finally learn the truth about world conditions such as poverty, hunger, and war, and the Biblical connection to all these events. Read on, and watch the video at the end.

What's going on with our economy? Have you asked yourself that question this week? Or perhaps the better question is: How many times have you asked yourself that question this week?

If you are wondering about what is going on not only with the American economy, but with the World in general, then you are a thinking person, and are considered to be an almost extinct species.

So is there an answer that makes sense? Sure, anyone can use circular arguments or red herrings to no end or purpose, but Truth that is given substance by facts, always wins. Here is an example--with answers--using that most pertinent question on the tips of most tongues in every nation: WHAT is going on out there?

Let's begin in Rome (c. 70 CE). The social situation of that time-period, particularly when Jesus of Nazareth had become a well-known religious figure (AFTER the Roman invasion) who was shaking up the establishment not only in and around Rome, but throughout the region, was a social situation of political intrigue and religious power struggle. Why do we say political and religious power struggle? Because the two major players at the time was the political power of the Roman Empire, and the religious powerhouse of Judaism. But we will refer to these players as the Gentiles and the Jews.

It was during this time that the Jews found themselves in the throes of the Diaspora or-- in exile-- when God had allowed Jerusalem to be sacked by the Roman army and the people taken captive, and the Jews to be subsequently dispersed, or spread out, amongst the nations. So the Jews no-longer had a land that would represent the seat of God's authority on earth, and they no longer had an established nation, approved by God, to be representative of their culture or people. At this point, you should be wondering what this has to do with the problems plaguing the world today.

Well, from as far back as the time of the Kings of the Jewish people, from David to Solomon, it was expected by the Jews that they would spread the Davidic Kingdom throughout the earth and that by means of that kingdom rulership, the Jews and people of the nations would be blessed. But when the Gentile Roman army ambushed Jerusalem and burned down its walls, that "plan" was thwarted. So why did God allow this to happen? Because those of Jerusalem had turned to bowing down to images, to putting their trust in the sayings of spirit mediums (spirit mediums receive their information from demons) and had even turned to magic-practicing priests for guidance! But understand that this was not the only thing going on there that caused God's anger to flare up against them. (It is important to also note that from then until now, Jews have NEVER forgotten the Davidic Kingdom and have always taught their offspring that it is THEIR right to establish it on earth, irregardless of the fact that God allowed that land to be taken from them.)

Over time, and as the drama is revealed in the Bible, the Jewish religious leaders, who were by this time invovled in the politics of Rome, came face-to-face with the man himself--Jesus Christ! Jesus declared to these religious leaders that theirs was a Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9; 3:9) because they were still practicing the very same behaviors that resulted in them losing their land in the first place, only this time, they had carried their practices to Rome (It's important to note that because of the system of governance that ruled over Rome, the Jews were permitted to maintain their own place of worship while in Roman "captivity" which they called (and still do today) a Synagogue. The American system of governance is similar in that most forms of worship are permitted as long as that worship does not attempt to circumvent the Law(s) of the established government in power.

Today, in America, we also have a system that allows for economic competition and free trade. The Roman system was similar if not exactly the same. Many Jews found this advantageous because it afforded them the opportunity to not only worship freely, but to also participate in the merchandising and sales of goods and services. This also gave the Jews the opportunity to use their Talmudic system of loans and repayment (Babylonian Talmud) --it is better known as Usury. In essence, you make a loan and then charge interest on that loan. If the Jewish moneylender (in the Bible they are called moneychangers) was making the loan to a Gentile, he did so at very high cost to the Gentile (non-Jew). This system of usury thus became a very strategic machine employed by Jews to establish an iron-clad vice-grip on the whole world! The first outright display of this practice is shown in the Bible by the writer John at chapter 2 verse 15 and 16.

During this time, the Jewish religious leaders were charging extremely high prices for animals to be used by Jews in worship services at the Temple. If the worshipper(s) did not have the money to buy the animal they needed to make their offerings, the moneylenders charged interest on the money loaned, which created an extra burden for the people, because only specific species of animals could be used for worship service, and the moneylenders established an exchange monopoly that made it illegal for anyone to catch these animals on their own--they would be charged with tax-evation and arrested. Sound familiar? Because of this practice, Jesus fashioned a leather whip and beat the money lenders, and made it publicly known that they had turned the house of his Father, a place that was meant to be a place of refuge and peace for the people, into a house of merchandise! (Many persons of the Gentile nations who learned this method of enslaving people also use it today.)

Now back to our economic collapse. This isn't the first time this has happened here. It happened before, way back in our American history. The year was 1929--The Great Depression. But even before then, something else was in the works. It was the hijacking of the nations freedom. This will be a series that will show you, the reader, the step-by-step method the modern-day world bankers (moneylenders) have used to not only enslave America, but the whole world, beginning with Europe. You will also discover that these money lenders' ancestry is, for the most part, Jewish. After reading this, you will then SEE the significance of Bible prophecy as it pertains to Christians, and understand the validity of the words spoken to the people by Jesus of Nazareth. You will then understand how Jesus' words are significant for our time period and why YOU should pay attention to them.

So let's begin our journey. From Rome to now, let's take a journey and finally see how the bankers have traveled (Jesus referred to them as traveling merchants), generation to generation, and have strategically gathered the nations together under one rule--the rule and law of money and debt (usury)--all for the purpose of enslaving the nations under a debt that is impossible to be repaid, there-by re-establishing a Davidic Kingdom in Jerusalem (they did take back the land from the Palestinians and establish a Jewish State in 1948 by-the-way), and then spreading this "Kingdom's" control over the whole earth (and they are not alone; Gentile traitors have joined with them--just like Judas Iscariot). Jesus said this would happen, and now you can finallly see HOW it has all arrived up to this point. We will begin by watching this video to learn about OUR banking system--by-the-way, did you know that the US government does NOT own our central bank, the Federal Reserve? So, who REALLY owns and runs America? To find out, go here: America: From Freedom to Fascism

Tomorrow, part two of this series will present more eye-opening facts and another link. (If any of the links do not work, please send a notification and an alternate link will be provided). Sit back, relax, and finally learn the truth of what Jesus of Nazareth spoke about so long ago. (It would be advisable to take notes while watching the video; you will be discovering a great deal of information throughout this series and will find the information a bit overwhelming simply because of the sheer volume of information that has been gathered over a period of generations.)
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