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God is scientifically redefinable (written by an atheist)
Today, 01:29 AM (This post was last modified: Today 01:30 AM by %mindless_detector%.)
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RE: God is scientifically redefinable (written by an atheist)
(Yesterday 02:30 PM)sonjouten Wrote:  Youre going back to the watchmaker fallacy and arguments from ignorance. Its not a virtue. Trust me. Simply put without evolution virtually all of biological sciences are void. Dna doesnt make sense, adaptation doesn't, antibiotic bacteria, none of it. If one wants to believe a god in the gaps approach thats fine but its still a belief and doesn't belong in a science class. (Random mutation and natural selection is not as complicated as you make it seem. Trust me). A person isn't designed for their environment, they came from it and exploit it more efficiently after countless generational mutations. Saying the universe is designed for us is like saying the lakebed is designed for the water within it. Stuff happens. Improbable things happen literally everyday, and adding magic to it just enables unnecessary magical thinking .

Our universe may or may not be computable.

In that regard, we see ourselves creating sophisticated computations of our cosmos.

A big bang like event may be probable in our simulations.

That said, it may or may not be possible for some engineer(s), perhaps like ourselves, to engineer the basis of our cosmos. Evolution would then probably still occur.

Now we do simulations to try to understand our universe better.

But, maybe if we develop the ability to generate sufficiently detailed universe(s), we don't bother with it.
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Today, 06:09 AM
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RE: God is scientifically redefinable (written by an atheist)
Quote:Modern science indicates that the creation of sophisticated universe is perhaps possible.

What sort of universe? And who, does science indicate, would be the 'creator'?

Quote: The ability to engender non trivial intelligence, is a composite function in the ability to engender universe(s).

Why does any (natural) universe have to be result of intelligence? One can see that it takes intelligence to, say, engender the 'universe' of the grandest open-world video games, but is that what you mean? And isn't 'trivial intelligence' just a value judgement, a matter of perspective or context? To a biologist for instance, any intelligence is worthy of note. In contrast a highly advanced alien civilisation might consider all human intelligence no more than the thinking of cockroaches,

Quote:Humans then possess a non trivial portion of the composite universe yielding ability. Thus the tiers emerged. This emergence is objective.

But this is not the case since the division of the two tiers is your idea and as such it is a subjective distinction.

Quote: I am of course an atheist, although atheism shouldn't bound one to despise the word god. I can maintain my atheistic state, because I don't need to believe in God as scientifically redefined; for one need not believe in science as science holds regardless.

As most atheists, in the traditional sense of the word only lack belief specifically in the deliberate supernatural First Cause or claim that God does not exist, then this is moot. One can of course choose not to believe, or 'be atheistic' about anything; but that is stretching the word just as much as you do 'god'.

A previously observed one is entirely at liberty to define 'god' (or intelligence come to that) is most ways one wants. Just don't claim that the process is objective. And you will still need to make it clear why new definitions are worthwhile enough to be taken seriously.
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Today, 01:34 PM
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RE: God is scientifically redefinable (written by an atheist)
Your first 'quote' and answer are interesting -- and Who, indeed, Would be the creator of that universe.
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