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01-12-2010, 03:36 PM
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A major cleanup of inappropriate posts has just been performed.

Posts deleted included those that consisted primarily or exclusively of ‘cut and pastes’ and/or long lists of links with no meaningful commentary and which did not elicit any meaningful responses. This is spamming and is against the rules for this site.

Posts that consisted mainly of a small number of links that are likely to be of interest to the readers of the particular forum were NOT deleted.

A one time only ‘amnesty’ policy was in effect for this cleanup. No Warnings were issued and Warning percentages were not affected. THIS WAS A ONE TIME EXEMPTION FROM NORMAL POLICY. Beginning now, members who spam or who otherwise post or act in violation of the rules will receive Warnings. Multiple violations will receive multiple Warnings with cumulative percentages. In extreme cases, the member will be banned.
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