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Is Jesus a god
12-14-2009, 01:36 AM (This post was last modified: 12-14-2009 06:59 AM by Parousia.)
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Is Jesus a god
[Image: 3402810.jpg]
By: Zeinb Abd AL-Aziz(PHD)

A professor in French Civilization

The Burnt codices and the deified Jesus

Bushby Tony 's study of the Holy Bible of Sinai codices, known to be the oldest genuine version of the Holy Bible( dates back to the fourth century), has demonstrated (148.000) contradictories to the present versions of the Holy Book. This mirror how far went the crush of changes and replacements that the Holy Book has suffered from.

No one could be sure, he says, how these texts were like because of being so much tampered with works of the human hand, what lay credence to this fact is that the Roman church , in 1415, had burnt down two important Hebrew books that dates back to the second century, these book are strongly believed to have clear references to the true name of Jesus.

Also, Benedict X111 has burnt a Latin study entitled" Jesus Mar" and, shortly afterwards, he also ordained that all the versions of" Elexai chapter" to be burnt. This had so many details about Jesus' life.

Later pope Alexander VI ordered that all the versions of Talmud were to be burnt and appointed Toma Torlmada(1420-1498) for that task, who, in his turn, burnt 6000 versions.

In 1554, Slmon Romano burnt thousands of Hebrew codices.

In 1559, all the Hebrew codices were confiscated in Brag , this included burning hundreds of Hebrew codices which helped in the loss of codices that contradict or rather debunked the acts of the then church.

Bushby Tony continues to say that the oldest codices found long prior to Komeran codices was that which was known by the name (Bodleian) which dates back to (1100) and that, in its indefatigable attempts, lnquisition burnt 1200 copies of Talmud.

The author says that in 1607, under a decree issued by King James, 47 persons, others say 54, dedicated themselves to translating the Holy Bible into English for two years and nine months. Some translation rules were strictly followed. In 1609, on finishing the translation, it was presented to the king who gave it to sir Francais Becon to revise for one year before printing.

He also says that many people think that King James version is the original source of the Holy Book and all the other versions that followed it are nothing but mere amendments that critics invented. The truth is different as the Greek version that was translated hadn't been penned until the mid of the fourth century. This, too, was translated and a filtered version from heaps of Aramaic and Hebrew versions and, deplorably enough, these were , too, burnt. King James version was translated from five foreign languages sources, which was copied from the original source that we don't know.

In the beginning of the thirteen century, policy lay its heavy hand on the Christian sources that remained disputable among the conflicting Christian sects; Albyous Tyodoria (225) says in this regard that more than 200 different versions were used at that time.

When Constantine annexed the eastern lands to his empire, he sent his religion counselor ( Aospyous) to Alexandria with letters to the major priests calling them to lay to rest all the indifferences concerning the Christian doctrine but he failed. This shows to what extent the debates and indifferences went at that time. This made the emperor call all these priests to convene and to bring with them all the different versions of the bible that they used in preaching and this was the first synod held in (325) in Nicaea to settle the prevailing debates concerning deifying Jesus.

In June 21st,325,more than 2084 priests convened in Nicaea to settle the debates concerning the following points:

The formal features of Christianity

Who is the god that they should follow

What are the texts that they should follow and keep.

Tony Bashby says that first attempt to determine which god should be followed dates back to (210A.D) when he was trying to choose either Jesus or his brother Judas, the author goes further saying that Christianity didn't agree on a certain god.

Bushby Tony shows that after long hot debates, they agreed on making the two gods one, 161 persons supported this new dogma and 157 disagreed on.

Despite this hot opposition, a pompous festival was held and then procedure to conflate Judas and Jesus to be one "god" was highly celebrated. The Emperor asked Aosbyous to collect what ever is harmonious with the new dogma and make one book out of them and to pen 50 copies.

follow here :

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