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Jesus and his Mom, "Who's Your Daddy."
11-01-2009, 12:35 AM (This post was last modified: 11-01-2009 12:37 AM by Azrael17.)
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Jesus and his Mom, "Who's Your Daddy."
This story is inspired by the people who Believe in the Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Ghost.
If Jesus is God, then Jesus is the Father, then he is his own Father and well you get where I'm going with this.

One day a young virgin girl was meditating on Gods law, when an Angel named Gabriel came to her and said, "The Spirit of the Lord shall, COME DOWN UPON YOU AND YOU WILL BE WITH CHILD."

Marry ripped her clothes and yelled, I'm willing Lord take me into thy self.

The other people in the temple looked at her as if she her insane.

Well she went home that night and started to get ready for bed when............................................................................​...............

The Lord Said, "Let there be LIFE, and he Saw that if felt Good."

Marry laid in her bed and spoke to the Lord, "What is your name that I may know it well."
To which the Lord Replied, "Immanuel. Who's your Daddy Marry, Who's Your Daddy." Then Marry found her self yelling, "Oh You are Jesus."

After that the Spirit of Immanuel Descended into the Earth where it would become a Wayward Angel.

After so many Months it became Clear that Marry was pregnant, and at first her "about to be husband" almost called off the Wedding.
But Gabriel came to Joseph the Craftsman and told him in a dream,
"Your Wife is with Child for the Lord has done the Nasty with her. Do not lay your hands on her until 1 year after the birth of her child. You are to marry her and name the Child Jesus for he will Save Nations."

After that Joseph got up and married Marry.

"Hidden underneath the stoned cold surface of every Pious Person lays buried a Kinky Pervert, Stop bringing shovels, Where not digging!"-Azrael
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