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Judas-Expanded on Apostle Thomas
04-26-2010, 02:35 PM
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MyBB Judas-Expanded on Apostle Thomas
There are a couple conclusions I have come to regarding the act of Judas going against Jesus and the resulting consequences seen in this early man.

First off, we can look at Thomas and Jesus. Stories that go in one way and out the other back in the time that everything happened, and yet a truth held together by the truth of magic, and reality, leading to someone like me with the need and will to have everything clear, into the situation.

They said that both Thomas outright betrayed Jesus, and that Jesus told him to do it. For one, not one of the other Disciples was known to having any knowledge of Jesus telling him to betray him, and yet later found in the Gospel of Thomas (Nag Hammadi) to have him stating in his own words how Jesus had given him the word to bring upon his execution.

The problem I have found in this explanation in Thomas's own words is to the fact that both, in many accounts he is supposed to hang himself directly after Jesus's death, and that not one of the other Disciples is in fact able to testify to this account. Making it strange to have Thomas in his own words describe this account, and yet only people who were not direct Disciples of Jesus had the ability to tell of this event of Jesus signaling the commencement of his betrayal.

No, I make the change in my ability of telepathy, and the only sensible use I have of an alien race who recorded the experience and communication of all man within knowledge banks of according history.

There is a reason that Judas wrote the "truth" into his account and yet none of the other apostles spoke of it. Simply put, Jesus was betrayed, only he was betrayed to the extent of his words. Jesus had asked the Disciples in the despair of his journeys, to help him by communicating to the people of his teachings. Through this, Thomas had twisted his words into saying that it was ok to sell him to the commanding Jewish leaders for the crime of claiming to be God.

This exact entailment has resulted in quite an understanding that we are able to acquire today. First off, Jesus was commanding his journey of life, purely and directly to be the leader of his own life. That was Jesus, the man in charge of himself. So to that end we have Thomas caught in an ultimate atrocity to man that rings true to the end. First off, we have Jesus, the one who did nothing to anyone. Than we have Thomas, who took his words, and twisted them to mean that it was ok for him to take his life into his hands. For 30 pieces of gold, it makes sense.

To say more directly, I have found that giving your life to a man for even one second leads to a pain in life indescribable in any way other than to say that You are not the one living Your life at that time. Which can be ok if it either turns out positive, or if you know to the full extent of what is going to happen. The only place that this sort of thing cannot be done correctly is in Judas's case. He, expecting that everything would be ok with Jesus, betrayed him with his own words and thought that Jesus would understand when he said that he didn't understand that turning him in wasn't what he asked for.

Jesus was lost under the blanket of unconscious early man, and was forever seen to rise again at the time of righteousness.

Interesting it is to further note, that upon the conclusion of Jesus's resurrection, Mary Magdalene had truly seen Jesus, whereas the other Apostles were to see Judas taking the place of Jesus. A question to note at as to the extent of how Judas had been punished and to question how Jesus played into his punishment.

Was the pain Judas experienced that of his own inquiring mind, or was it in fact Jesus getting to make right what misdeed Judas committed upon himself. When you take action against a man, is there righteousness upheld? Or is life unfair?
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04-27-2010, 07:15 AM (This post was last modified: 04-27-2010 07:58 AM by kevlar.)
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RE: Judas-Expanded on Apostle Thomas
What the hell are you talking about, I'm certain that even you or your god have no


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04-27-2010, 03:13 PM
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RE: Judas-Expanded on Apostle Thomas
(04-27-2010 07:15 AM)kevlar Wrote:  What the hell are you talking about, I'm certain that even you or your god have no


Wow.. Do you know how to talk?? Or do you live in there alone?

If I had a God I would not speak. If you don't have a God and do, I guess that you lose your head towards other peoples insight.

If you read the post I basically caught Thomas in an act that goes against fair consciousness. I basically am saying, is everyone being nice to Jesus??

The idea is to look at the time and place. It is a part of history, and yet its one that we cannot understand personally. A man, Jesus, doing miracles, and the rest of society killing him for it. Not understanding life.

Today we would accell right along with Jesus. Can you believe that?

Not even the Apostles are innocent,

is basically my entire post.
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04-30-2010, 03:33 PM
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RE: Judas-Expanded on Apostle Thomas
It comes down here to say that, there are two accounts of what Thomas did after he killed Jesus. In one he killed himself instantly, and in the next he had suffered such horrendous affects that he eventually died. One saying that he felt the need to kill himself and the next adding that he went through supernatural affects which led to his death.

What it comes down to mainly is how he sort of disappears at this time. If everyone wrote about him it would be obvious. If it were something that didn't matter than people would talk about it. The truth is that the early man were savage to the idea of Jesus, and backed themselves up all around to make sure that no one knew of the traitor to Jesus. Which gives them an aura of mystery to their stance in time.

But be assured, early man is a primitive version of man. Modern man has a communicate first sort of approach to life, whereas early man only saw himself as being worthy of all things, so if you could imagine the lack of understanding that other people actually know more different things, you could understand how when they saw Jesus they just wanted him to be them for them. Something so evil that since he couldn't take on all of them in that way they eventually killed him out of wanting him to be them for them.

Unawareness can lead to evil in the event someone isn't there to stop you. I think of early man as needing a strict teacher all the time, it seems like they just made decisions based off of moment to moment laziness, instead of actually ever doing anything. The placement for misuse of others is common among early man, in fact I don't think that one had the ability to be nice more than mean.

Being nice, to them, probably seemed like an awful chore, where as to us we see the line of travel that our action makes in an other person, and if anything we learn to be more aware of making the exact effect we seek to create instead of acting blindly in a communicative sort of way.

The difference between today and early day is we communicate, they do things in a sort of me and only me type of way.

Its hard to explain how I know these things but if you try, you can communicate with can do many things, I just know these things so far.
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