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Kabbalistic Interpretations of the Ego
07-11-2013, 08:14 AM
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Kabbalistic Interpretations of the Ego
I often post metaphors on this site to try and explain things that are mulling about in my mind. So let's do that some more! Yay!

Think of the Earth and all that it provides for us. What other body has given us more to be thankful for than the Earth? (If you are a theist, you'll probably say "God." I don't have a punchline for that one.) The Earth is the source (not origin, I'm not delving too deeply into science for this metaphor) of all of the things we need to sustain our lives. It is so absolutely important to our survival. Yet, when viewed within the capacity of the entire universe, our planet Earth is naught but a mere speck; not even that. When viewed in this light, the Earth represents only a tiny portion of the potential of the universe.


Now, let's talk about another word that begins with the letter 'E': Ego. It's ironic that I say "let's talk", when I could easily end this post now and have made my point. Earth is to Ego as universe is to....? Awareness, plenary awareness. I've called it the Divinity of humans, but that title has too much luggage for carry on.

Sealed away,
Locked away
In deepest, darkest chasms of
Memories, needing to breathe,
Needing release from the energies
Of the Ego

What makes my analogy imperfect is that the Earth is important in scope, but infinitesimal in bigger realization. The Ego, however, blocks any thoughts outside itself until it is put into perspective. We love him, love him, love him like a child who pleases us infinitely. How can the Ego be put into perspective?

Yefet, is there any Kabbalistic connection between Malkuth and the Ego?

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07-11-2013, 11:29 AM
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RE: Kabbalistic Interpretations of the Ego
(07-11-2013 10:49 AM)Yefet Wrote:  Say two people are in an argument, it dosent matter the Physical sex of either of them, both are trying to project his Ego on the other or male state of giving,
I think that it is helpful to think of the "male" component of electronics cords. Function or utility over gender.

Quote:if one's Ego remains as big as the sun or it puts on the crown it no longer reflect that of something else
It is dominant. ...?

Terms to expand on:

Fantastic post, Yefet. I'm just focusing on the clarity of these certain points.

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