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Logo Design - Branding Your Business Identity in a New Way
08-02-2010, 10:21 AM
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Logo Design - Branding Your Business Identity in a New Way
The history of logo design dates back to the ancient days of Greek civilization. By the word logo design generally we mean a trademark, a symbol or any name. The purpose of using a logo is for easy recognition. The Egyptian, Chinese, Babylonian, Mayan and Assyrian people also used different pictographs that can be recognized as early logos.

In the very beginning, perhaps when even its designer was not himself very aware of what he was creating, logo consisted of a single letter. Logo design began its journey as a mere cipher. Then gradually a cipher or a logo consisted of more than a single letter.

In the later period, hardly two or three letters were used for the cipher, which either had a person's initials or his surname or just a simple name. Often the ciphers were designed by intertwining two Greek alphabets.

Logos can be traced on ancient monograms of classical days. The coins used in the Roman and Greek empires bear the symbols of the rulers of the cities. Among the ancient monograms, the sacred monogram draws attention. This sacred monogram was designed with Greek letters of XR, S, T, O and S. Usually the O (omega) and A (alpha) of Apocalypse was used on either side of the coins.

The concept of designing ciphers also became popular in the Middle Ages. Then they were mainly used for commercial, artistic or clerical purposes. By thirteenth century, the ciphers of ancient times took shape to become trademarks. These trademarks were widely used by the contemporary merchants and businessmen.

Some of the popular logo design of that period was paper maker's watermarks, marks used by the mason or those by the goldsmiths. A very famous logo was the watermarks that were used by the nobility. The printers and publishers also used colophons for their identification among their customers.

A logo can be use of graphics and signs that can draw attention very easily. When a logo is used as a symbol of a company it can be referred as the corporate identity. A logo should be so designed that its very catchy to the eyes and it becomes the first piece of graphics that one should notice in any printed material or on web pages.

Designing a logo by the companies is a recent trend. Even a small company uses a logo to establish its corporate identity. The corporate logo should be such that people can identify the particular company by just recognizing its logo. The logos generally used by companies tend to have a tag line or catch phrase with them. The logo may also contain a company name or promote a brand. An icon resembles only a pictorial representation whereas a logo is not only a picture but it has a message to convey to its target audiences.

Thus logo design is a trendy way to popularize or advertise a product or a brand name. A logo design gives new identity to the already existing brands in a new way. The color, size, shape and texture matter a lot for designing a good logo. Attractive, professional outlook yet subtlety are the mantras of a perfect logo design.

Quality-Web-Solutions is a web development company in India that offers customized services in logo design at affordable rates. We offer unique and professional logo design to suit the needs of the clients. Our portfolio will offer you a brief idea about our services and works for our global clients.

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