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Macroevolution False Microevolution True
07-21-2011, 04:15 PM (This post was last modified: 07-21-2011 04:16 PM by LoveEarth.)
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Macroevolution False Microevolution True
Half-Truth #1 : Macro-Evolution vs. Micro

Quote:Description : As Darwin observed, animals gradually adapt to their environment over generations. This is true and proven for simpler traits like beak length, body size, fur/skin/eye color (moths becoming dark-colored to blend with soot-covered bark), and so on. Dog breeding is an example of this, whereby certain traits are "selected" over generations.

The Lie : Neo-Darwinists say that through random genetic mutations over millions of years, new organisms and species came to exist through this process. However, they are talking about macro-evolution there, which is different from micro-evolution. They use "evolution" as one big concept to unify both types, even though only one type is true.

The Truth : Science has proven that there is a clever biological mechanism that was put in place to allow for micro-evolution. It is like "user customizability" that is deliberately designed by software designers (programmers). There is some randomness involved from genetic recombination, but it is "regulated" in order to harness variation, much like random-number generators used in software. Micro-evolution happens too quickly (in the span of a few generations) compared to macro-evolution, which, according to Neo-Darwinists, happens over millions of years. Science has also shown that most genetic mutations are harmful, just like introducing random letters into computer code. Micro-evolution is the only type of evolution confirmed with experiments, while macro-evolution remains a theory (a.k.a Darwin's THEORY of evolution). For one thing, the gaps in the fossil record (missing links) are too large and too numerous, with each species being a clearly defined "production model" with no half-formed or useless features. Micro-evolution is true and designed, but macro-evolution is a lie.
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