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Maya-The World of Illusion
03-29-2010, 03:00 PM (This post was last modified: 03-29-2010 03:01 PM by avatar.)
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Maya-The World of Illusion
According to Hinduism, the world around us is not real, because it is impermanent and ever changing. The world in which we live is a world of ignorance and falsehood or untruth, called Asat, in contrast to Sat or the world of Truth that exists beyond it, where neither the mind, nor any of the senses can ever reach even remotely""Nobody is perfect. Each living creature suffers the effects of his past sins in varied proportions, most prominently surfacing as mental & physical disturbances.Life is never ending. What ends is just a cycle of birth only to begin again. The wise and the enlightened always think long term into the next level of evolution or birth. At the end of the road, your mind is restless for a million questions remain unanswered. The cosmic ‘formula’ that operates on all of us is flawless for its inventor happened to be the ‘creator’ himself. We also know of this ‘formula’ as ‘destiny’.

According to the concept of maya, the very existence of an individual as a separate entity is unreal. As long as the individual thinks that he is different from the rest of the creation and strives to work for his own ends, protecting, furthering nurturing and defending his own ego or individuality, he suffers from illusion and his ego continues its journey into an unknown future shaped by his endless actions and desires. The purpose of human life is to realize this truth and work for unity with the Divine.
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05-03-2010, 04:36 PM
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RE: Maya-The World of Illusion
One does not have to be a Hindu or believe in reincarnation to have experienced the world as maya, as illusion. In my original religious conversion experience I was put into an alternative state of consciousness wherein I was experiencing synchronicity events continuously for three days. Brand new to me religious ideas were streaming into my mind (I was an atheist at the beginning of this experience) and then these ideas were played out in the real world within minutes sometimes, or a few hours, as spontaneous brought up topics of conversations with members of my family, as headlines in magazines I was reading, as dialogues on tv shows, as instant religious connections between practically anything I was seeing as part of my daily life. My science-oriented mindset could not explain how or why these synchronicity events could possibly be happening, one right after the other, unless the world was not what we think it is, unless it is a Show, a Play, a Grand Illusion in which we as Shakespeare said, are merely actors acting out archetypal dramas. This experience permanently converted me from atheism to belief in God because all synchronicity events were tied to religious themes found in Christian ideologies with the Spirit of Christ the most prominent theme of all.

In the movie, "The Thirteen Floor" one can get an idea of the mental shock that comes from discovering that our world is not what it seems, is not running on random chance events, but is in fact, highly orchestrated down to the sub-atomic level to evolve spiritual consciousness in people ready to receive it while the vast majority remain blind to the hidden world of archetypal dramas being played out with our lives. Why this type of consciousness is not universal is due to the fact that if it was, people would not fear death or be interested in the future because they would know the point of existence-to school our souls morally for their eventual return to their origin or to that World To Come, both being the same. I am not Hindu in my beliefs and I do not believe in reincarnation because of the unexplained problem of two or more souls inhabiting the same body at the same time. I am a Gnostic Christian and know that the right spiritual knowledge can and does lead one directly back to the World To Come without necessity of intervening states of being.
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