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My Belief On Religion
05-28-2009, 12:55 PM
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My Belief On Religion
I will try to make this as short and simple as possible, this is my belief on God, Spirituality and Religion from now and all through time.
My belief on how it came to be
I believe that evolution did happen and that we were not specifically created by a being. I believe that we evolved and everything alive today evolved from single-celled organisms, and those single-celled organisms came to be from simple chemicals/elements bonding, like Oxygen and Carbon etc. I will elaborate on this, science has proved evolution to be true.
My believe on God, Religion and Spirituality
I am not an atheist, I am not an agnostic. I believe that there is something that helps us in our lives, or guides us sometimes. However, I do not believe that is a God. I think that there is energy which can be explained scientifically that feels remorse, respects and rewards humbleness and selflessness (for example, our prayers being answered with help in some way). It can be looked at as a "Holy power" I guess you could say. I also believe that humans evolved from the animals to a higher level of consciousness to understand and use this holy power, which is why human brains are so different from animal brains, we have minds, we feel remorse, we feel humble, sometimes we feel selfless and caring. I think that humans all can use this power through doing good deeds, or channeling it through prayer, basically anything which is selfless and caring. Although with the elevated consciousness to understand this, people can follow it by being good and caring, but they can also be smart enough to disobey it and do evil things, which is why animals are usually considered innocent, they do not know right from wrong, but humans do, which is why we can use this power in the right; good way, like when people pray and it works.
I think that humans and the prophets of religion throughout all history have interpreted this "energy" in their own, unique religious ways, not that it is bad, it's perfectly fine as long as their religion promotes being good and selfless and caring and not being evil. All religions promote being good and helping your fellow man or improving your self personality, and this is what the "energy" that humans evolved to understand rewards people for. Which is why I do not have a religion, I think that they are all correct in their own unique ways.
An Afterlife
I honestly have no idea about an afterlife, I am still in deep thought and I am wondering about what happens after this life. All religions have their own interpretation, wether it be rebirth, heaven, punishment, anything. Although I do believe there is something after death, I just can't see how there would be nothing after all of this caring, sorrow, selflessness, helping others, it just doesn't seem right without there being something afterwards to reward good deeds, or maybe punish evil, I have no idea, maybe it is also just rebirth into a new human. I think the idea of not having any way of knowing is what tests your faith into being a good person.
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