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My Mayan Religion
05-06-2010, 11:50 AM
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My Mayan Religion
Ok, to start there is the Mayan Tzolk'in Calendar. Which through casual observation appears to be something other worldly. The mix between numbered Tones, and abstract Signs is what makes the calendar go around, and yet it is the detail within these aspects that changes lives.

The Tzolk'in Calendar is the calendar of divinity, this is the one that had special sacrifice only days. It holds the ultimate truth of our universe, that it is a circular type of time scale, ie non-linear, and yet releases you into an era of mystery through the thought of self. If you decide to start looking into time you realize that you are becoming linear in time, or a better way of seeing this is to say that you are entering into conscious action within a set of time. You are seeing yourself in time, being timed. Which is cool with the calendar because you are learning about the calendar while following it. Yet, through simply taking a look above yourself in this situation, you can see that time still goes on around you. Things still happen around you that are not a part of you, time still goes out infinitely in the moment and yet you are looking into the moment in your own personal "linear" way. This is my distinction between circular and linear time, circular being peripheral or happening around you, linear being central or directly affected by self. The universe is a circle while the self in the universe is linear.

This calendar, if your like me, will become a map of the universe. Safe it is to say, Earth is a sign on the calendar, Earth is a planet. Earth proves that this calendar goes way into their astrological aspects, and Earth proves that we are but 1 planet amongst 19 other important planets. This is where the abstract nature of the signs becomes a direct influence on consciousness. Traveling to another planet places you within that planets consciousness. The abstract nature of the signs is a result of the workings of the physical universe, 20 fingers and toes: left opposite of right, 20 planets: 1st opposite of the 11th(10th opposite 20th ect). Just think, if you can't understand a sign, it could help to go to the planet in your dream body...mix energy to help you see. This is a living meditation system.

Now the next one is the last calendar I am going to explain. This calendar, known by them as the Haab, is the calendar of the Long Count, where the idea is to never stop growing.

This has 19 months divvied out as 20 days each in the first 18 months and one 5 day month of non days. The first day of each month is seen as 0 day and the last is the 19th day, except for the last months 5 days are unnumbered at all.

With this calendar the Mayans were seen to lack in glory towards our perfection of knowledge in being as capable as we are. Funny they had magic. We found a 4th of a day in between years that the Mayans completely miss with their 365 day Haab calendar, resulting in a faulty calendar of the seasons. Which was one of its original purposes and yet they simply worked around the error instead of fixing it.

This Calendar is the one I want to emphasis on. This is the one directly attributed to gods in which, especially the god of unlucky days has much to regret in being for the Mayans. These people were crazy, I cant lie. I do not think this calendar is crazy though, but its purpose is most definitely not for the seasons. I say that life is for the seasons, whereas, this calendar is for something else.

That something is music, in fact a completely new musical system. As I will create someday, there will be 2 instruments used to directly play off of this calendar. First will be the 18 toned instrument representing the 360 days of being in time. There than will be a 19 toned instrument to play the 5 out of time days. This is to both bring in a subtle difference to your ears so that you are able to better understand such differences between one number and the next, and to excel our understanding of time displayed through creation. Even better than simply understanding time is the fact that you get to play an instrument Religiously, and in a specialized way note as to your own personal growth as a creative musician.

This is the extent of my Mayan teachings here because, well, I have to many of them and these are complex enough. The way I go about things is to say that the Tzolk'in calendar is the only important one. If you wish to start seeing things in people you had never been equipped with knowledge for seeing, than this calendar will change your life. All you have to do is use it, actually put its understanding of the universe inside of your belt as a tool and you WILL see it in reality. The only way to get to understanding how it works is to use it, as people and even better than that, your experience of time will begin to shape this calendar which poses to Color your time in a perfectly detailed, absolutely real sort of way.
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05-07-2010, 12:15 PM
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RE: My Mayan Religion
With this knowledge, it takes organization of time to step into the religous aspect of this system. I would like to think of this as a Monk Lifestyle system, a tool to equip the searcher of truth. The system to go along with the flint, the knife, and the mirror.

I have to start by making a distinction in between night and day, Daytime being the male dominated time, and Nighttime being female. This is for a combination of the Haab calendar and the Lords of Night cycle. The Lords of Night would give meaning to the dream-time in which females take such a pleasure in enamishing within, whereas the Haab gives the man a musical map of directed potential. The Lords of Night encompasses a theme scenario which makes certain glyphs tell Good, Bad, and non-effect stories in a succession of 9 glyphs. The Haab, while directly used by the Mayans, in this system breaks the 0-19 numbering into having 0 represent free-time, 1 represent 1 beat rhythm, 2 represents 2 beat rhythm, 3=3 beat rhythm, 4=4 beat rhythm, and 5=5 beat rhythm: 6=1,7=2,8=3,9=4,10=5,11=1,12=2.....17=2,18=3,19=4.

This gives a special place to the lovers, and add's the Tzolk'in in as a connection tool. The major addition needed to be made is a body system to go over the spiritual one already encorperated inside of the Mayan Tzolk'in today. With the normal Spiritual understanding there is magnetic as the first tone, which is to represent expansion/infinance. While, in the body system the first tone is the Tail Bone, which represents the need to stretch/flex/massage/focus. This brings together the thought of positive/negative into correlation with the searchers time. When you get to the higher aspects of the 13th tone, you are out of the body and within the sense of everyone, the word We. In the spiritual aspect you are studying presense, which sort of makes a loop in the system. This causes your spiritual presense to override your sense of everyone, in a way that shows you how you can begin to understand the subtle differences between a soul mate and another person. With presense you are viewing from the infinite source within to the outside world, giving you a representation of everything including other beings. The sense of everyone brings you to those other beings and asks you to sift through them to find meaning between them.

First off comes a clock. I am trying to create a system of timing that would give the daytime and night time two different clocks. So that in the day you can follow a 21 hour system, and at night a 20 hour system, though they need to change according to the time of daylight in a day and the length of dark at night. These two clocks would give a place for certain practices to take shape, and would seperate the needs of the night time and the day. After 10 in the day time, the focus turns on self, which depending on the current day, would color the self-hour respectively.
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05-10-2010, 05:55 PM (This post was last modified: 05-10-2010 07:32 PM by azurescen.)
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RE: My Mayan Religion
This is a defining delve in the field of philosothe(love of knowledge of god) and philosotheism(love of knowledge of gods warship/devotion,): a system of polytheistic god creation, and related book of definition.

For greater reverence in this field, liken it toward a dresser full of philosophical journals, the shelves are variously chosen in an order to represent meaningful sequential unfoldment. Each shelf contains a full plethora of related material, designated in sequence of either chronological unfoldment or any number of detailed arraignments. The idea's here are to release your need to customize and color your mind, ultimately everything can be redone and you are being inclined towards personalization.

The ease in creation yet importance of devotion to develop into a wide spreading study/use of time. The good idea in this being the fact that your mind is intended towards devotion to a certain deity at set time of warship, and yet YOU are to be self realized in that warship whilst in time of noticing effects and crafting out ideas towards gaining life devoid of all other than thee.

To put this in other words, this is like a systematizing system, that is the same as a coloring book when looked at from the perspective of creation of beings, because loss of trust in the animal world has led me towards believing in a certain degree of need available in animals as a means towards actual personal Deitization. Animals are mans best friend, mans personal Gods...animals are a system of their own, and then there are plants, heh, than chemicals and elements.....philosophies. Mix aspects of reality? Such as Deity-ized Animals, dogs/cats/monkeys/reptiles/spiders/scorpions who are warshiped. Colors already evident in this genus..colors and looks both represent the free riding availability already present within this world of free beauty.

The difference between a bird and a reptile?? Huge when in the scope of creation certain events shape the way time is played out. When the possibility of knowledge of time means anything in the eyes of Brahman, different than that of the Time-Bolon, boon of the difference between creation and following. Brahman is the idea of creation in the to overcome and yet negating to the idea of self alone.

The idea that self is also changeable to the ways of divine energies, and yet divinity is a choice in the eyes of the Aspirant of Higher Knowledge. Your right here is CHOICE and that alone. When I speak, I only say what has been of my liking and thus, when I am granted for words alone I am dawning upon my own free-linking will.

Words are a language of literal unknown quality and yet I believe they can be known. I am working in the ways of body language theory, and communicating through body language consciously, the use of yoga to stimulate tendencies. Development in this way, and through the brand new idea of color and being warship/use, I am on my way to discovery I believe. The thought I have come upon is that I have alien powers backing me, powers like astrology and planetry magic, connecting to other planets allows me magic over animals/higher beings/what not.

My own personal addition to life in fact, this exact universe being something that I have taken on and it has shown its name to be Chaos, me forcing singular will, trust in power and the law of love to make it work. I am just a starter in a way of universal glory, think....Starwars and other stories, Roleplaying just like in video games only real life.
This plus the ideas I am coming to with God's and being devotion....animals submitting to will. The animals in this universe literally submit to my will alone. I dunno but Im getting at something that makes me think life is actually Working, actually Doing something....God....if I may think of myself as Him, is here to find a Universe of Self-Fulfillment, not a Being...Make the being The, and go back to the drawing board, maybe the Body??


A clean body is one that can actually See....when non-self non-soul mates, non-Gods, to you the Aspirant to Self-Brahman....Your quest is Growth, and yet Perfect Clarity. One needs understand the Rules of the Game before they can begin to see through to entering into action....what else?

Placement and time are such defining and yet untouched yet characteristics of life....I wonder how well it would be to change life and than do something.
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05-12-2010, 11:12 AM
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RE: My Mayan Religion
Ultimate Knowledge.

The universe is energy, if energy is to be seen as nothing, right? Or at least, to represent what would be most closely related to nothing. Than Everything is nothing and nothing is everything.

Quantum Physics has found that when you magnify within an atom, you find mostly nothingness and particles of light. This magnification process can be amplified based upon what is found to ultimately lead to finding a whole lot of nothingness, and maybe more like an Idea that there is something.

On the levels below atoms you can see that life is mostly imagined. Yes, true, it is held up by constructs which form the Material World. But these constructs are merely illusionary based apon the realization that we our selves are a self. We can do anything we want. Yet the idea that we live AS particles IS proof that we ourselves are mainly nothingness floating around in a plethora of cells, able to replicate health and yet having needs.

REALITY IS A GAME!!!!! Yet we are simple on one level, its all about health, its all about life.

Magic is the answer to everything, and yet, without understanding about reality, about health and life....the game is more like a chore, more like an oppressive leader placing strict authority upon your thoughts. The whole idea is to conform towards games....know the rules and follow. This is how I live life, moment by moment. Everyone is always playing different games, based upon a unification of life perspective. We are one people, doing one thing, and that is life. So far as I know that catches the bird in the hat, but the next most important aspect is time.

Time is such a BOMBASTIC aspect of a Life so Divine in rules and ideas. CREATIVITY IS POSSIBLE!! Corporations are living proof of divinity in law, in reason, in communication, and work. Machines are proof of God.

We are so in a place of non adjustment to life. So far ahead, with cars and airplanes we are lost in something that ends, and yet that is a rule placed on something from within a universe of creation. The key is figuring out the law of creation, the rules behind the light.

That is what I do, see the make up of the light. You begin to notice things as subtle as animal souls. Light is what is in-between, the make-up on the level of pure space....pure nothingness.
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06-08-2010, 02:06 PM
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RE: My Mayan Religion
First off I want you to check out everything about the mayan calendar.

Mayan Sign Info

Mayan Calendar Info

Now I just want to break down my own personal interpretations of the Mayan Calendar.

Dragon=Primal nature. Basics. Needs delivered.

Wind=Communication. Assisted growth.

Night or House=Dreams. Set-Up experience.

Seed or Lizard=Target. Location. Expectation to be fulfilled. Wish.

Snake=Transformation. Sudden change. Explosive event.

Death or World-Bridger=Helper. Seer. Way to the beyond.

Deer or Hand=Weigh Station. Communal ground. Gathering place.

Star or Rabbit=Perfect harmony. Patchwork. Blueprints.

Water or Moon=Flow. Way to knowing/grounding.

Dog=Master or friend. Servant of expansive needs.

Monkey=Trickster. Joker. Full of jokes, or air.

Human=Cleanser. Fire burning away impurities.

Skywalker=Pillar. Strings of a puppet. Rules used to help growth.

Wizard=Talker, knower. One who speaks knowledge.

Eagle=Laid back position leading to over viewing insight. Eyesight from up above.

Warrior=Job of great value. Helps change a personality.

Earth or Earthquake=Place of expansion sometimes leading to catastrophic change.

Mirror or Flint or Knife=Shows personality. Feeds needs to all. Creates needs through decisive action. Truth

Storm or Rain or Lightening Bolt=Sudden cleansing. Bolt that burns away differences instantly. Giver of personal needs leading to growth.

Sun or God=Knower of knowing. Ultimate truth leading to ignition of knowing in others.

That is 20 representing the 20 fingers and toes. There are 13 tones in the calendar, each representing a practical application of life, also representing the 13 major joints in the body.
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06-13-2010, 07:43 PM
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RE: My Mayan Religion
Well, since you seem to be on quite frequently, I figured I should at least get a grasp on what you think, so I've come around to reading over your posts. They're esoteric and not really up my alley, but intelligible. Perhaps you could condense the part of your belief that deals specifically with polytheism? You certaintly needn't be limited to speaking about the Gods, but it is not a bad place to start.
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06-13-2010, 09:45 PM (This post was last modified: 06-13-2010 09:50 PM by azurescen.)
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RE: My Mayan Religion
Well, mainly as being dealing with the Mayans, everything is basically seen as having a Godly aspect. The only way you can seperate Gods from common belief is to say, this studied/worshiped aspect only deals with knowledge as opposed to a being.

So long as you can envision a planet as being a being, all of this has to do with Gods. The above "signs" are just planets in truth, and thus when you put numbers (numerologically) mixed in with numbers, its as if you have a dualing God system. EVERYTHING MAYAN IS GODS! This might be hard to believe, but its even harder to imagine them dealing with anything else. The final sign(planet) has to do with Lord or King, and thus is the seat of knowing, the knower. Yet the rest is simply knowing a part of knowledge.

The planetary system differs from the numbers in that they represent a story like component, whereas the numbers represent physical aspects of reality. The numbers are still Gods, they just represent things like expansion/magnetism/growth/tail-bone, whereas the Signs represent planets that play in a story, ie first there is dragon or a purely primely created being, than there is the wind representing communication between two purely primely created beings. In truth, this system gets so complex with the truths about life such as 1+1=3, that you start to see that since there are 2 primely created beings and they can still communicate at the level of two, void of connecting and making a third, there exists a realm of mysterious connection brought about by purely universal creation reaching the eyes of others. In other words, before there is the aspect of death created by self transformation of the snake, the only way we communicated was through perfectly creating something and SOMEHOW someone else stumbling upon it and realizing it for themselves. This leads to zero connection, and thus in THIS case 1+1=2....but only because there is 0 connection, and thus 1 is just creating something that the other 1 stumbles upon and realizes for themselves, so that 2 people know the same 1 things, yet they know it for themselves in two different ways. This is a very complex subject, but has to do with the idea that after creation happens, ideas like 1+1 only mean what people make them mean. Yet they CAN be an ultimate truth, through universal(everyones) acceptance.

The truth is that, with everything Mayan, basically you can think of it as if they themselves were gods or aliens helped them, because Gods are just creations to the mayans and yet they are creations with a mind of their own.

Thus resulting in truth to the chaos of my Polysothe(that post about philosothe mixed with philosotheism) really being an attempt share with people my knowledge of what the Mayans were doing with their minds and those of the minds of the Gods.

Its all like the idea "If you build it they will come" If you create a God, they will give you what you created them for. EXACTAMONDO!
This goes DIRECTLY into the place where Words are even Godly, only THEY are more like a computer God, where 101 = 101 alone. You can only talk about reality though, a computer may only exist to give the program as is though.....thus Gods are such a wildly fantastic aspect through the fact that they can grow that.....WOW.....they simple are able to grow because THEY have EYES!
One classification I would like to make is that I am a God. Gods in polytheism are gods, there is a King(capitol K)/king(lower case k) and Lord/lord, and thus different classifications of gods, but when it comes to one person putting everything together, there is me God.

Just to put into place what I think about reality.
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06-16-2010, 10:45 AM (This post was last modified: 06-16-2010 11:13 AM by azurescen.)
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RE: My Mayan Religion
In retrospect, the creation of Gods is about THE most important thing that has ever happened to humanity. The Mayans were the ONLY ONES WHO KNEW!!! them and people of the northern portion of America KNEW that they were creating Gods through wanting to do so. They in fact created and used a many amounts of them, and these Gods set up their way of thinking FOR them.

Greeks did just about the same thing only they had zero knowledge that they were actually talking with and about real beings. Aliens are the equivalent of Gods when it comes to this way of thinking. Aliens exist to bring us higher consciousness, that is their reason. Chaos, was a God before it was an event, and the Greeks from the beginning to the end can give reasons for why Chaos needed to turn into the time before time.

The women(bad) knew only that they(the men) were creating ideas, little did they know that these ideas were living breathing beings.
You see, the Gods of the Mayans, especially, were used for the purposes of actual action. They would put war up to the War God, and when He said that war was ready they went to war.

They were so very attracted to Planets in the sky, a venue I(upon being able to) wish to pursue to an extravagant extent. The fact is that Mars was their War God, but when it comes to how they did it, and to some extent who went, they had "alien" Gods to pave their way of knowing, so that they only had to exist like sleeping giants, who only thought what the Gods gave them.

The Mayans way of existence was such a different one from our own, we have Computers which mark specific things based off of spectrometers and thermometers and stuff like that, whereas the Gods of the Mayans work on the opposite end of the scale and had Eyes and Ears which they use to best reflect their purpose. The God of perfect war strategy would tell them what to do based off of the fact that he was about the perfect strategy. When the Mayans would give to their Gods, they did so for the purpose of their worship, they would feed their Gods based off of the things that they did.

The Mayans in fact had zero knowledge of the God Chaos from the Greeks, although the Greeks knew that this God was real which gave Chaos the presence of allowing them to be known Exactly as they were. When you get into the Mayans, you get into the real to life Mayans, who chose to illuminate their physical shell and become 1 with the heavens of Earth. Read into the Mormons, who had visions of Native American peoples in the beginnings of their Religion.
In order to have a real life God, you need to understand that a being is JUST that!!! A being. You say YOU and you mean THEM. Like the word Cheese means cheese, the word Moses means Moses. Thus you can create a reality based off of actual beings, which is much more real and full than your reality based off of your own(personal) creations. As soon as you create a name for a being, you create a tool in order to hold onto that being. Through saying their name you are bringing your minds resonance to them, and thus release any possibility of getting lost in delusions of your own creation. A name is THEM, for all you are concerned.
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07-07-2010, 11:14 PM
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RE: My Mayan Religion
So, a question... how do you deal with the whole Mayan belief in blood sacrifice, and the idea that a lack of blood sacrificed causes the world to stop?

I'm back baby! Thanks for everyone who sent me PMs asking what had happened to me.
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07-18-2010, 12:24 PM
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RE: My Mayan Religion
(07-07-2010 11:14 PM)GTseng3 Wrote:  So, a question... how do you deal with the whole Mayan belief in blood sacrifice, and the idea that a lack of blood sacrificed causes the world to stop?

Lol...They did all the sacrificing that we could possibly require. That and well, I basically sacrifice every time I bleed. Personally I think its just direction, when you bleed sacrifice your blood, lol, and you are taking control of that requirement!
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