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Omniscience and Free Will
11-05-2017, 02:31 AM
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Omniscience and Free Will
How can a deity know everything that's going to happen, if we have free will to choose?

Really, it's a (relatively) simple matter of seeing every possible outcome of every action and reaction. For we who have limited minds, that's a very difficult thing to comprehend.

In Norse lore, there are two beings who have this gift; Frigga and Urðr. Frigga - Odin's wife - knows all that will transpire, but tells no one. Urðr shapes our fates from the actions that we take. If two options were to exist, and we choose one, the other is cut from the thread of our life's tale; actions cannot be undone, and our options from there are thus limited.

If one has ever played a Role Playing video game such as the Mass Effect series, where decisions that players make have wide-reaching effects, such an example provides an ample illustration as to how this is possible. If our lives were as the Mass Effect games, Urðr and Frigga know everything that can possibly happen - every choice, every effect, and every ending. They know how all possible romances will turn out, given the multitude of choices therein, and all possible diplomacies and alliances.

Some events will always happen, no matter what we choose. We will always become a Specter, Sovereign will always attack the Citadel, the Reapers will always return to end life in the galaxy. So too in our lives will certain events always happen; Fate woven into the very fabric of being that demands for certain events to play out. Planets and asteroids will always blaze along their set paths, the Earth will always buckle and tremble when it must, volcanoes will always erupt when it is their time, we will always die one day. These things are inevitable, they must happen, and cannot be delayed or set aside; one of the lessons taught in the Ragnarök myth.

Yet we still retain our free will. Despite the day of our death being fated, we choose what we do until that day. Much like the character of Shepard, we choose who we romance, what we say, where we shop, who we befriend and who we make war with. As we make choices, some paths become closed to us, other paths become more difficult to attain. Yet the choices remain ours; fate does not compel us towards one path or another (save the path of mortality and eventual death). Though Urðr and Frigga know every possible choice and outcome available to us (omniscience,) they do not know which one we are more prone to choose or not until it is chosen. That choice remains ours, and ours alone.

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