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Opps Jesus did it Again!
10-24-2009, 08:46 PM
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Opps Jesus did it Again!
This is a joke making fun of Christians by using Jesus as the main character.

It's a joke story!

One day the son of God woke up and looked out his window, he prayed to his father and said "I'm sorry for, breaking a vow of chastity and yelling at those old people, Please Father don't let them kill me."

Well his drunk buddies came in and told him that Judas had forgot the beer. And they pushed Jesus into making them some wine from water.

Well when the Teachers found out they all yelled at Jesus, "Not this again his making our young people drunk, lets kill him before he turns all the water into wine."

So while he was hanging on that cross he thought to himself, "That's the last time I give into peer pressure."

"Hidden underneath the stoned cold surface of every Pious Person lays buried a Kinky Pervert, Stop bringing shovels, Where not digging!"-Azrael
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