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Psychological Sued
05-06-2010, 10:15 AM
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Psychological Sued
There is nothing more attractive than being able to help someone with their problems. It both helps friendships and gives of self to make you feel accomplished.

The problem is.....cures. There are none. Medication? Sort of evil. Why? It only affects the persons will, thus, you can have a reaction like I have in which you basically go paralyzed or something. It takes someone WANTING to take medication, in the first place, for medication to be a cure. Therefore medication is never the answer. Might help depending on the persons knowledge of themselves but isn't a cure unless they make it one.

Second, diagnosis is wrong. Ok, in the case a person is coming for diagnosis than that helps them with their problems. BUT, there is no such thing as a known when it comes to these things. If someone says something about their feelings, you have taken on life...just as is, there is no reason why one persons feelings are different from another's unless it has to do with physical problems. When it gets into mental stuff, either those problems should be fixable in absolutely no time at all, or there is something else going on. In the case its mental and you can't see an avoidable problem in life directly being lived by the person, than your not seeing the problem.

Simply put, when its not their fault and they have a problem than giving them anything other than what they ask for is torture. Not gonna say that anyone is perfect enough to see through something like that always, but just know, when its something attacking them and you point in meaningless directions, unless you make yourself out to be something special you can't help but make the rest of life seem bad as well.

The idea is to ask questions, to direct positively, might just be to say your done and leave everything to them. As, being relieved with the fact that there is nothing to gain from people would greatly help a person who is experiencing the problem IF in fact no one can help. TRUTH IN REALITY IS ALL THAT EXISTS! If you hide behind positivity you only make yourself a possible part of things.

The best to do is to be direct. First with yourself, know who you are, than communicate that to a person. Not only is self expression all that exists, but once realized it helps to keep you at status quo when really something is going on that is out of your control. lol, You could NOT say something the person doesn't want to hear!

Ok, so, in a truthful situation is the only place that this all exists. Yet, truth is about the only thing that exists when there is nothing to gain, so this should be some sort of basic knowledge, and yet Ive never had anyone care about my opinion above medication. So I am disgruntled by anyone who thinks they know anything about mental problems, cause first and foremost....You can't even speak to someone with these problems....I have never seen one of you able to, and so obviously there is an illusionary barrier between a person seen as mental, and who they really are. You just cannot get over yourself, and that is no easy thing to do but just know, you cannot truly help. Once you get over the thought of doing something to cure, than you can probably actually start to get into REALITY!

The worst thing a person could ever need is a friend....the best thing a person could ever need is a friend
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