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10-16-2017, 09:48 PM (This post was last modified: 10-17-2017 05:15 AM by Amememhab.)
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Battle of the Trench, 627 CE
(10-16-2017 07:39 PM)KAYSER Wrote:  ...In the battle of the trench Muslims were attacked in their city.

The Battle of the Trench, a monthlong investment of Medina by an alliance of Jewish and Arabian tribal powers, was the key military event in Islamic success on the peninsula, and ultimately, North Africa, Spain, the Balkans, and Southwest-South Central Asia—if that’s stretching the influence of a single 7th century siege unduly up to the 14th century. But it gave them the initiative they needed—which, as in Chess, is vital in the tempo of the game.

The alliance was led from Mecca. Arriving at Medina, it faced a Muslim defense at roughly 3-1 odds in their favor. The trench was an earthwork line into which attackers fell as they (unwisely) attempted a headlong overrun. Muslim commander Ali ibn Abu Talib eventually became caliph. Allied commanders Amr ibn ‘Abd Wudd and Ikrimah ibn Abu Jahl forced a crossing of the trench, to occupy a marsh at the foot of a hillock before the walls of Medina (see map).

From there, they reduced Medina to a state of desperation. Yet, bitten by relentless mosquitoes, their alliance imploded, as Muhammad negotiated separately with some of them and the prospect of long siege for little booty grated upon the Bedouin contingent. A frigid rain fell upon the battlefield, dampening the allied morale. At the end, the allied armies withdrew.

Wikipedia has excellent coverage, in comprehensive detail but brief:
Battle of the Trench
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10-22-2017, 06:06 AM
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RE: Religion
(10-11-2017 01:22 AM)AseeSah Wrote:  I would like to know your opinion about. Is Islam peaceful? Thanks

Any religion, whether Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or Islam becomes violent and chaotic if it becomes a mere peg for identification purposes.To defend this illusory identity one then becomes violent.

One ought to stop investing one's sense of self in religious identification if one seeks peace and harmony. And identifications, religious or national or racial or ideological should cease to become a substitute for actual self-knowledge as one's identity.

Self-awareness is yoga. - Nisargadatta

Awareness is the great non-conceptual perfection. - Dzogchen

Evil is an extreme manifestation of human unconsciousness. - Eckhart Tole
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