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11-06-2017, 11:40 AM (This post was last modified: 11-06-2017 01:42 PM by IMtM.)
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Before the Sun chose to overtake
Our lives, our life, He can't relate,
He made a water all steaming blue,
I can't believe I haven't thought of you....

Symbolism, I love the sight
Of what blossoms there after the end of night.
Full stature, statues gain height...

I love you after the end of night.
Dig your dagger into the struggled flight
As you dig into your next delight.
Nothing is lost, nothing right,
As we both stare into this water bright.
Fog upon fog,
We stare yet into this water bright.

I's that I remember;
Emerald colored dream.
I get lost in their stare
When there's nobody home but
Remember to share
The pond where we sit and boil our sight.

Laugh from the skies.
Don't you try to say
You don't remember the cat?
Imagine that.
Her face was adorned
With the treasures.
Rosetta, don't you remember
Why they always bring you along?

Chemical green is a sordid hue.
I feel that my reply would surprise you,
But really it's all just like it's meant to be:
Anger in fine swords, spread at my display.
I could have chosen to mark my tread but
The vision didn't set any limit.
Nothing is going to break the judgment
Except a narrow chance of hope.

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