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Spirituality Vs Religion
02-13-2009, 06:33 AM
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Spirituality Vs Religion
Spirituality Vs Religion

Every Religion in this world wants you to get rid of bad qualities at least from today for the admission into that religion which is practically impossible. The reason is that these bad qualities were grown like hills for the past millions of births. This small human life is insufficient even to move them, not to speak of removing them. People can control the bad qualities to some extent by their efforts. These bad qualities are frequently sparking in the minds of even the most pious sages. If one says that he is good and he is devoid of all the bad qualities, it only cheating others, which in turn is cheating oneself. Due to this practically impossible condition, for the religious admission, people have developed allergy towards any religion because the eligibility for admission is impractical.

The religious preachers have confused the whole situation by fusing religion and spiritualism. Religion is the context of GOD to establish peace and justice in this world. In this context, you must control your bad qualities so that you will not disturb the peace and justice and will not harm any good person in this world. If you disturb the world by your bad qualities, God will punish you. But, in this context, it is sufficient if you control the bad qualities since you cannot remove them. The Religion ends here. Some religions strictly end here without any spiritualism.

The spiritualism is the context in which you have to make efforts to reach God. In this context, you need not even control your bad qualities because, God has no personal objection towards your bad qualities. These bad qualities cannot be obstacles in any manner in this context. Moreover, when you turn these bad qualities towards the God, they become your helpers. Any quality whether good or bad, is created by God only to help you in reaching Him. If you realize the original aim of all these qualities, good or bad, why should you control these qualities, which are with you as a helper? No fool controls his helpers. So, any quality when involved in spiritualism is used for its original aim, it becomes a good quality. So all your qualities become good in spiritualism and you need not put any effort to remove or even control them. When the qualities are not used for their original purpose, they become bad qualities. Therefore, whatever qualities turned towards the world, are bad qualities. In this spiritualism, there is no need of any effort even to control these bad qualities.

Then, for what, our effort should be made? Our effort should be concentrated to achieve “Bhakthi” which is the love on God. “Bhakthi” is achieved and is grown by the knowledge of God. For example, you came to know that Bombay City exists. This is the knowledge of existence of Bombay. By this you want to see Bombay. As you know the details of Bombay more and more, your desire to see the city becomes more and more. Knowing details about the Bombay City is again the further knowledge. So, knowledge is directly proportional to desire. First Rukmini heard that there is Lord Krishna on this earth. As she heard more and more about Lord Krishna from Sage Narada, her love on Krishna increased enormously. Narada means he who gives knowledge. Therefore, ‘Jnana”(knowledge) generates and develops “Bhakthi (devotion)”. Due to Bhakthi, the Lord is attained. Gita says the same ‘ONLY BY BHAKTHI I AM ATTAINED’ (‘Bhaktya………’).

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02-13-2009, 06:34 AM
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Universal Spirituality:
Universal Spirituality:

My main aim to propagate the divine knowledge
On this earth is Universal Spirituality
For World Peace, because there should not be difference
Based on the religion, two people should not fight
For the sake of Nivrutti, which is reaching the Lord.
Nivrutti is related to Lord and is very sacred.
Should one stab another for the sake of this?
In India have you not heard of a Muslim stabbing Hindu
And vice-versa just for the sake of religion?
There is meaning if two fight for wealth etc.,
Which is Pravrutti, Pandavas and Kauravas fought
With each other for wealth, it is justified
Both belong to the same Hindu religion
They did not fight for the religion
It is shameful for the Lord to see such fights!
The same Lord is in two different dresses.

And you both are fighting for the difference in the dress!
You are not recognizing that the same teacher came
And taught the same syllabus in two different languages.
To one class He came in red shirt and to another class
He came in white shirt, you are fighting for His shirts!
You are fighting for the two languages, which differ.
The teacher is the same and the syllabus is the same.
You sit and analyze the contents of His teaching.
You treat the teacher as your Master in your section.
Is He not the Master for the other section also?
Both the sections constitute the whole school.
You say that He is the Master of the whole school.

The school consists off two distinct sections vividly.
If you say that He is the Master of the whole school,
The school must contain only your section, then only
Your statement is right, but the school shows two sections.
Your statements are contradicting each other clearly.
Hindus say that Brahman is the creator, Muslims say
That Allah is creator, Christians say that the creator is
Jehovah, all say that the creation is this entire world.
If Hindus say that Brahman created India, and if
Muslims say that Allah created Arabian countries and
If Christians say that Jehovah created the western countries,
The problem is solved, there can be three Gods together,
Who have created the three parts of the earth separately.

But this is not so, each religion says that their God only
Created the entire world, unfortunately there is one world!
One world only! Come on, all of you sit together here
And give me the final conclusion after debate, otherwise,
The scientists are laughing on all of you! Shame to all!

They criticize that these religions do not have even
The basic logic, which is the fundamental common sense.
Because of you, the greatest God is also mocked by them
They say that the religions are rigid conservatisms!
Even a small boy is putting this question to all of you.
Stop all your discourses and first answer this question.
If you want to say that God created the entire world,
You have to accept that there is one God only always
And that His names are all the above three names.

We see in the world a single person having three names.
If there is one God, He only created this entire world.
All the human beings are invariably His children only.
No Father is partial to a single child and therefore
He must have preached the same knowledge to all
In different languages and in different methodologies
To different levels, this is Universal Spirituality.
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02-13-2009, 06:36 AM
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Purpose of human life
Purpose of human life

In the materialistic plane one person says that the aim of his life is to achieve a particular post and then help his family members. Some other person says that the aim of his life is to serve the mankind. We appreciate the second aim as higher than the first one. The highest aim of the human life can be known only in the spiritual plane. The sole aim of this creation is pleasing God through the entertainment. Every human being is a part of the creation and so the same aim applies to every human being also. The human being becomes fruitful if it serves the Lord and pleases the Lord through the service. Service means the sacrifice of work and sacrifice of the fruit of the work. Service is the proof of the real love.

The mother serves her child by sacrificing lot of work like giving bath, dressing etc., for years together continuously. The father serves the child by sacrificing the fruit of all his hard work to the child. It is a clear practical point that the proof of the real love is only service. If you serve your family you love your family. If you serve the entire world you love the creation. If you serve the creator, you love the creator. It is a very simple point.

Love is the attraction of mind towards anybody or anything. When the illness attacks the body you take so much care to serve your body. You love your body. Similarly you serve your father, mother, wife and children because your mind is attracted towards them. What is the first pre-requisite for this love? When you love your child, you are aware that a particular small living being is your child and you have the differentiating knowledge of your child from other children who are similar. Similarly, when you love God you must be aware of the form of God, who must be differentiated from other forms as your child is differentiated from other children. You are identifying your child by certain special characteristics like shape of the face, voice etc; you are not recognizing your child by the clothes, which it puts on. Other children put on such clothes also. Similarly, you must distinguish the Creator from the creation and then only love the creator. You cannot love the entire creation as the creator. Do you love all the children as your own children?

Therefore, the pre-requisite of love is the true knowledge and the inseparable identifying characteristics of an object by which you get attracted towards it. Therefore, what is the real form of God? And how it differs from other forms? What are the inseparable identifying characteristics of God? The answers for these questions constitute the detailed true knowledge of God. Only such true knowledge generates attraction and love. When you know the separate special details of Bombay, which are not seen in any other city, then only you are attracted to Bombay and like to see it.

Before proceeding to the identifying true knowledge of God, you must also know the purpose of your attraction towards an object. You love your child, and there is no purpose in it. You also love a doctor when you are ill. But that love is not real. It is not love at all. It is only artificial apparent love exhibited for a purpose. You want the doctor to help you. Therefore, true love is that when there is no purpose in it. False love is that in which purpose is present. Generally almost all the people love God because God is omni-potent. He has miraculous powers to do anything, which is impossible for any body on this earth. When a problem comes and when one fails to solve it by all the means existing in this world, one starts loving God to solve that unique problem. Therefore, you love the position or power of God and not the God. A poet shows lot of love and appreciation on a king in his spontaneous poetry because the poet loves the power and the wealth of the king. He expects the king to donate some land or to give him some money after being pleased with his poems. The poet does not love the person who is the king. He loves the king only. Will he write the same poems if the king looses his kingdom and becomes a beggar? In his poetry the poet praised that the king is very beautiful with sweet voice and infinite wisdom. These qualities still remain with the king even if he has become the beggar. But the poet does not praise the same qualities of that beggar because the beggar cannot donate anything to him. The post of the king and the kingdom are separable characteristics, whereas the qualities are inseparable characteristics.

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02-13-2009, 06:37 AM
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The main aim of life
The main aim of life

You are admitted in the college and your main aim is to get the degree. If you fail in the exams your main aim is upset, therefore, you should not get tension. Similarly you should have tension if the main aim of the human life i.e., to achieve the grace of God, fails. Except that, all this family life and relationships are only extra curricular activities. In your college life, a game is conducted as an extra curricular activity. Suppose you are defeated in it. You should take it sportively and not seriously, because that is not the main aim. Therefore take everything in life sportively, because, this life is not the ultimate aim. If family life only is the goal, even animals and birds have their family lives. The speciality of human life is to think and achieve the grace of God.
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02-13-2009, 01:01 PM
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Why good people are suffering?
Why good people are suffering?

Some people say that even good people are unnecessarily harmed. They criticize God. You cannot decide any person as a good person. Did you observe him every minute from his birth? You also think yourself as a good person. Are you aware of your sins done in your childhood? You might have harmed an innocent insect in your childhood. Do you remember that? Even mental feelings are sins, which may not be expressed in words and actions. The feelings of the mind are the source of words and actions. Therefore the feeling may not hurt others today. But tomorrow it will hurt others which will come out in words and actions. In fact, intention is given more importance in the crime according to law. The judge gives more importance to the intention in giving the punishment. You are walking on the road and the ant is killed by your foot, without any intention. There is no punishment for such sins. But when you kill the same ant with intention, you are punished by God. Therefore mind is the source of action.

If somebody harmed really a good person, then also leave it to God. You should not revenge. Why? The reason is that you cannot judge the exact nature and line of the case. You do not remember your own sins. Some times you do the sin thinking that it is good. You cannot be the standard in judging your own sins. Only the Lord can decide. Therefore, if somebody harmed really a good person, in the view of the Lord also, then the Lord himself will punish him.

You cannot take the law and order in to your hand. You have to refer the case to the court. Let the Judge decide, and punish the criminal. Therefore the Lord said, “Revenge is Mine”. If the revenge is justified, the Lord will certainly punish. The Lord will not revenge if you pray Him to do so. The Lord, will not excuse even if you recommend the unjust case.

Neither you have the power to punish nor to excuse anybody. The reason for this is that you are not omniscient. If a sinner realizes the sin and repents, the punishment is reduced. After repentance if you do not repeat the sins, the punishment is cancelled. If the sinner does not repent, he will repeat the sin again and again. Such sinner can be controlled only by punishment. If this is not true the police department has no use. There are some sinners who can be controlled only by third degree treatment. If such punishment and revenge are not required, and if everybody can be transformed by preaching, then what is the necessity of the existence of’ Hell and Liquid Fire’.

If such possibility of transformation by love and knowledge is there, then why the Lord mentioned the word ‘revenge’ at all? Therefore this means that there are some sinners who cannot be transformed by love and knowledge. Some clever people criticize Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, who have resorted to punish the sinners. Such clever people should answer about the word ‘revenge’ uttered by the Lord and also should explain the mention of the liquid fire in the scriptures. If all the human beings can be transformed through love and knowledge such words should not have been mentioned in their scriptures.
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02-13-2009, 01:04 PM
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God can enter through the wall to help you even if all the doors are closed
God can enter through the wall to help you even if all the doors are closed

You have no complete faith in God. The atheism imparted by the external environment is hidden in you without your knowledge. You are in daily association with people who always put self efforts with partial faith on God and this injects such attitude into your brain. Hence you are not having full faith on the word of God. You will always estimate the success based on the worldly factors. Really you do not have the confidence on the super power of God, which can produce an ocean of sweet water in a desert. In practical situation the faith on God and the extent of your theism is tested.

Wise people, who say that the self-effort is the main component and that God’s help is a minor component, often cover up such deficiency of your faith. When all the doors are closed, you will be worried about the possibility of success assured by God. Then, you will put effort to open one of the doors so that God can help you through that door. This is your utter foolishness, because you think that God cannot help you without the door opened. God can enter through the wall to help you even if all the doors are closed. Thus the faith in the practical situation is important.
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02-13-2009, 01:05 PM
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Intention of sin and the subsequent result
Intention of sin and the subsequent result

Gita says that the concept of cycle of deeds is complicated (Gahana Karmano Gatih…). The action or deed by itself is inert without the intention of mind and has no result. When you are walking on the road, an ant may be accidentally killed under your foot. There is no sin for this deed because the intention of mind (samkalpa) is not there. Suppose you have intention to kill the ant and subsequently kill it. This is a deed associated with mind and hence will have the full punishment.

Suppose you have the intention to kill the ant but some how the deed is not successful due to miraculous escape of ant, you will have half of the punishment for the intention. Since the effect of your intention is not received by the ant, the other half of the punishment is cancelled. Therefore, action without intention has no fruit. Action with intention has full fruit. The intention without action has half fruit. Why should you enjoy the half fruit for your intention when the action is not materialized?

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02-13-2009, 01:06 PM
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No good deed can cancel the bad deed.
No good deed can cancel the bad deed.

I will give you a small example.

A daughter-in-law is serving her mother-in-law or father-in-law. The service is inevitable. If the service is done with good intention by treating the father-in-law as father or mother-in-law as mother, the good fruit in heaven is fully enjoyed. Suppose the daughter-in-law serves them sincerely due to unavoidable circumstances and scolds them with hatred in mind, what is the result? The good fruit in heaven is reduced to half and half bad fruit appears in the hell for the bad intention.

The good fruit of good deed can never cancel the bad fruit of bad deed. Fruits of goods deeds and bad deeds have to be enjoyed separately. If you create a provision to cancel a bad deed by doing a good deed, every one will commit sins by emotion and then will try to cancel the sins later on by doing good deeds. Therefore, when the Priest says that by doing a ritual, all your sins are destroyed, it is a point of climax of ignorance. No good deed can cancel the bad deed.

Kauravas(demons) had ninety nine per cent sins and one per cent good deeds. They went to heaven first to enjoy the little good deeds and went to hell later on to enjoy the major bad deeds. Pandavas(devotees) are vice-versa and hence went to hell first and then to heaven later on. In both cases, mutual cancellation is not exhibited as we see in the Mahabharata (Swargarohana parva).

Now, I pity the daughter-in-law who has sincerely served the in-laws but went to hell simply for the sake of bad intention. The daughter-in-law who has not served in-laws with bad intention goes to permanent hell. The daughter-in-law who has served her in-laws sincerely but had bad intention in her mind goes to both hell and heaven separately. The daughter-in-law who has served her in-laws with good intention thinking them as her own parents has gone to permanent heaven. The daughter-in-law who has good intention in her mind to serve her in-laws will some how serve them directly or indirectly and will not go to hell.
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02-13-2009, 01:09 PM
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Only the powerful divine knowledge at the level of intelligence can smash the mental
Only the powerful divine knowledge at the level of intelligence can smash the mental sins

Suppose a bad intention has come into the mind but the intention is not materialized and no body is effected practically in the world. Certainly there will be partial punishment for this mental sin in the hell. How to get rid of this mental sin? Only the powerful divine knowledge at the level of intelligence can smash the mental sins.

The intelligence alone can control the mind. The intelligence is strengthened by the divine knowledge injected by the Sadguru. The mind is strengthened by repetition of sins and temporary experience of false happiness. When the divine knowledge is intensive, the mind is purified and at a stage of climax, even the results of previous sinful deeds are smashed (Jnanaagnih sarva karmani… Gita).

The divine knowledge at climax makes you surrender to God and leads you into the involvement of practical spiritual service in the mission of God without aspiration of any fruit in return. In such a stage, God attracts all the results of your past sins and suffers for your sake. This technique of God is not known to you. Some how you are relieved from all the mental sins and also from all the results of the previous sinful deeds. The mental sins are cancelled by the divine knowledge. The results of previous sinful deeds are cancelled by the interference of God that is resulting by climax of divine knowledge. Therefore, when the service is inevitable, you do it with good intention also so that you will not receive the partial punishment in the hell unnecessarily.

This does not mean that I am encouraging you to do the sin fully and get the full punishment. You have to follow the constitution written by God strictly in this world as far as your behavior towards other souls is concerned. Here, the justice must be followed and the injustice must be discarded. Only in the case of God, you can overlook even the justice for the sake of God which cannot be sin in that particular case only. For the sake of God, you can overlook any other soul including your own self and this shall not be a sin. Infact, it is the Best. If you do not overlook the justice for the sake of God, it shall be a sin. But this special case (nivrutti) cannot be extended into their behavior with other souls(pravrutti).

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02-13-2009, 01:12 PM
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God and Miracles
God and Miracles

Miracle indicates the existence of unimaginability. The unimaginability is God and its existence indicates the existence of God. The unimaginable power is the source of miracle. The source of that power is God. That power may or may not give the address of the God in a person who exhibits the miracle. But the miracle gives the existence of that power in that person. The power gives the indirect existence of God elsewhere. Therefore miracle is an indirect proof of existence of God but not the direct proof of the address of God.

The black magic is also power of God, which is given to Satan. The Satan and his followers are sufficient for atheists to prove the existence of super power and thereby existence of God indirectly. Let the atheist cross the miracle of a demon first. The theist should be above the level of these miracles and should try to achieve the Divine grace of God through spiritual knowledge, devotion and selfless service through sacrifice in the Divine mission of the Lord. If a Post Graduate student forgets the alphabets, what to do? Similar is the case of the theist who wants the miracle as a proof. The theist requires the correct guidance by correct spiritual knowledge at that standard. Therefore the divine knowledge alone can be the proof of the God as per Veda.
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