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TRUTH via the Council of the Wolf
07-13-2009, 08:20 AM (This post was last modified: 07-13-2009 08:31 AM by Raphael.)
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TRUTH via the Council of the Wolf
Council of the Wolf?

as I have mentioned my given name 'Ralph' from 'Radulf' translates into the 'council of the wolf'.

the archetypal wolf clues I have gathered till this point are significant.
because I contend they are archetypal links to a poetic language that is the foundation of our very existence.

HIS-story** says Rome was founded by Romulus
who had a brother Remus and both were feral children who suckled on the teats of the cosmic wolf.
**HIS-story was written by the victorious obviously...they never like to discuss the 25,000 years of HER-story that preceded the patriarch who built the ARKetypal ARKS?

Wolfgang A. Mozart or who was a FREEMASON and wrote a tune for the lune, for the MOON, and the 3 opening notes that are sounded 3 times are a valuable clue left as a marker.

Wolfgang Pauli who exclaimed to the psychologist CARL JUNG "god is a weak left hander", where as in the bible narrative, most references are to his right hand. = asymmetry.

And Carl Jung is the fella who studied the asymmetrical brain and invented words like archetype and synchronicity AND believed ALCHEMY was an archetypal language that we could use to predict the future, because the ever present patterns could also be seen in the present and the past.
I must suspect archetypal Carl would howl at the archetypal full moon, understanding the benefit of role playing.
The ever present archetypal patterns that form part of the narrative and transcend Space and Time and Motion and Rest.

Milo Wolff is also part of the council of the Wolf for obvious reasons.
His life's work called Wave Standing Theory of Matter or WSM is a wonderful archetypal fit.

The electron can only move 2 directions.
CW and CCW....
One direction = electron
The 'other' direction is its anti-CHRIST particle called the positron.

Pythagoras was a Wolf and he would have suggested all wolves should not eat beans in their cave, their lair.
i.e. Do not make foul sounds in a cave.
They resonate and stink.
The earth is an archetypal cave, a lair, a womb, a crucible, a grail, a bubble.

And Phi and the Pythagorean Circle and the 'Wolf Interval' that has an obscure mysterious history itself, 'arrived' to account for the Pythagorean Comma?
And this is a vital clue to the mysteries of the AGES, as I continue to unravel, unveil the TRUTH, by using archetypal CSI, to strip the lyin LION kings naked ... and present them in the courtyard around 3pm on Aug. 25/2009?

825/29 or 82511...

82511 at 3pm OR 112358

For some reason that Code, that date resonates with me, another adaptable adept who belongs to the wolf pack.
Thus we have an easy date to remember.
112358 is the CODE revealing the TRUTH...using the BIG FIB...the Fibonacci Code was obviously embedded into the ever it has been taken far too literally. Angel
Time for a figurative interpretation, using the guidance of the counsel of the wolf? Wink


NATURE cannot be HIDDEN only VEILeD with NARRATIVES that defy NATURE

CodeX4 and the Reconciliation of Science and Religion
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