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The Dajjal's Plotting Has Come To An End-1-2
10-19-2008, 04:19 AM
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Exclamation The Dajjal's Plotting Has Come To An End-1-2
The life of this world is a transient thing in which good and bad, beauty and ugliness appear, by their actions in which human beings are tested, and in which believers and non-believers are distinguished from one another. Almighty Allah, Who has created all beings and this testing, has also created an enemy in the form of a denier and wrong-doer to confront believers as part of the test. This denier, who confronted prophets, messengers and believers throughout the history, at a time when the hadiths of the Prophet (saas) tell us the Prophet ‘Isa (as) is expected to return to Earth, in the End Times in other words, will be the "Dajjal," or the Antichrist.

Dajjal is an Arabic word, derived from the root "dajl." Dictionaries define Dajjal as "liar, fraud, a seditious and damned person who confuse the minds, hearts, good and bad, the right and the wrong, who hides the real face of something by gilding it, who wanders everywhere."

The hadiths refer to the Dajjal as the greatest negative force to appear in the end of times. The Dajjal, who will attempt to rule the system of satan by means on enmity towards the messenger of Allah in the End Times when extraordinary events take place, is perhaps one of the worst deniers of all time. Our Prophet (saas) describes the dimension of the corruption of the Dajjal as follows:

"There would be no creation (creating more trouble) than the Dajjal right from the creation of Adam to the Last Hour." [i]

It is narrated in traditions that the Dajjal is a deceiver who portrays truth as falsity and falsity as truth, and good as bad and bad as good. As we are told in the hadith "He will also have Paradise and Hell with him. Though his Paradise will appear as Paradise, in reality it will be Hell, and likewise, though his Hell will appear like Hell, in reality it will be Paradise." [ii], everything he calls beautiful is actually an evil that will inflict disaster on humanity. And the values he depicts as evil are actually beneficial and in the interests of humanity. Yet since some people do not look at events in the light of the moral values of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (saas), they will be misled by the things to which the Dajjal invites them and will follow him, while heedlessly turning their backs on the path of Allah, which they should actually follow. They will see what a grave error that is thanks to the climate of oppression the Dajjal will establish. It is for these reasons that our Prophet (saas) has warned mankind and told people to act in the knowledge that what the Dajjal portrays as evil is in fact good:
"The Dajjal will appear.And there will be along with him water and fire.What the people will see as water will be burning fire.And what will appear as fire will be water.Any one of you who will see that should plunge in that which he sees as fire for it will be sweet, pure water." [iii]


As can be seen from the many various signs in the hadiths, the period we are in is the "End Times." It is clear from the hadiths of the Prophet (saas) that the End Times are taking place now and, by Allah's leave, the return to Earth of the Prophet 'Isa (as) is also to be expected in this period. Just as we are told in the hadiths, the Dajjal is making his corruption felt in the End Times we are living in, and rebellion, evil, division and degeneration is spreading across the world. Many people have gone along with the corruption of the Dajjal, turned their backs on proper moral values and accepted a devilish system based on denial.

The greatest corruption of the Dajjal, in ideological terms, in the End Times is Darwinism. Darwinist ideology, the worst nonsense of the 19th century, was initially criticized. But it spread throughout society during the 20th century under the influence of the Dajjal, misled vast masses of people into believing in it, gathered a great deal of support and found its way into school text books and the scientific literature. Despite being a terrible lie and devoid of any scientific evidence even though it claims to be scientific, it managed to deceive the world under the influence of the Dajjal. Again under the Dajjal’s influence, people regarded something non-existent as actually existing and adopted a theory with no scientific nature as "an explanation of the origin of life." Children began learning about Darwin’s theory of evolution right from primary school, the most-watched pro-Darwinian television channels emphasized false scenarios of evolution as "scientific research," and university professors espoused this fraud with all their might and main. This is a false system of belief through and through. Darwinism emerged as a false religion, huge efforts went into making people blindly believe in it, and those who did not believe in it were excluded and silenced. There has been no scientific evidence in favor of the theory for 1.5 centuries. And it is impossible for there to be any. But since Darwinism is a false belief system, false evidence is constantly produced to support the theory of evolution and the real scientific evidence that repudiates evolution is covered up. The scale of this fraud is truly enormous and, as a perverted and false belief system based on denial of Allah, it is a known plot of the Dajjal's, and one expected in the End Times according to what is revealed in the hadiths.

This false belief system, which claims that living things came into being by chance, which maintains that apes are the ancestors of human beings, which seeks to convince human beings they are animals with no responsibilities, which has led to mass slaughter and has initiated wars through the twisted idea that the strong must crush the weak, and which regards human beings as worthless and inferior, is actually Darwinism, one of the Dajjal's worst plots. However, having persisted for the last 150 years, it has finally been thwarted in the early 21st century. The Dajjal's plot is over, and the Dajjal is dead. Mass deception has come to an end. False religion has been crushed in the face of the true faith of Allah. There is no doubt that Allah will make His faith prevail. Our Lord reveals in one verse:

Allah confirms the Truth by His words, even though the evildoers hate it. (Surah Yunus, 82)
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