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The Downfall of America: How They Brought Down A Powerful Nation from the Inside Out
12-03-2008, 12:48 PM (This post was last modified: 12-03-2008 07:04 PM by Question_It.)
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Exclamation The Downfall of America: How They Brought Down A Powerful Nation from the Inside Out
Infiltration. President John F. Kennedy spoke about infiltration in an infamous speech that no-doubt resulted in his death.

War tactic: divide...then conquer.
War tactic: cause the crisis...then provide the solution.
It's simple really: all you do is send in your operatives, shoot up some people, blame it on someone else, and then step in as if you had nothing to do with it, and then provide the solution! A constant state of perpetual war. Not only does it generate huge profits, but it kills off those you consider your enemies, and if you can use SOMEONE ELSE'S military to do it..who gets the blame? You should now be thinking very hard about the Mumbai..."incident", and why Pakistan's president is adamant that his people had nothing to do with it!

Why did Paul the Apostle write this in a letter to the Christian congregation in Corinth: "Now I exhort you...through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you should all speak in agreement, and that there should not be divisions among you... ." 1 Cor.1:10 (divide and conquer)

President John F. Kennedy said: "..we are opposed around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy (yes the President was well-aware of the conspiracy--the plot against us) that relies primarily on covet means for expanding its sphere of influence. On infiltration
So how do you do it? No military strength, no powerful arm--HOW do you bring down a mighty nation that also has great military strength--when you have NONE? You do it through USURY! Via a private, central banking system! So that everytime a dollar is printed, interest is charged--automatically! Perpetual debt... . Brilliant. And life-long slavery for the people. And THIS is how they got us, and the rest of the world. Take a look...(see the video below)

"Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care NOT who makes its laws." Meyer Amschel Rothschild (most powerful Zionist- Jewish family banking arm on the planet)

America: From Freedom to Fascism (video)

President Woodrow Wilson declared: "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. ...We are no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a few dominant men." Woodrow Wilson-1919

Puppets: Our nation's leaders are puppets, and behind them is the invisible hand--a shadow government, dominated and ruled by powerful Zionist-Jew (Zionist Jews and Orthodox Jews do not have the same belief tenet--Orthodox Jews oppose Zionist Jews) banking interests and those non-Jews who have joined them and have betrayed their own (give a Judas enough silver coins and he'll betray you in an instant).
Go here to read": Archibald Ramsay's The Nameless War (he was imprisoned for writing this book) He reveals how the wars were planned and funded and those involved--he was a government official.
See this video clip: Ron Paul said: "'s done by "secret government", private individuals behind this..." He is speaking about the Federal Reserve System (President J. F. Kennedy also made mention of the "secret societies".)Look up the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan, etc...

America as we have known it is finished. Here is a video clip of Obama supporters flying the flag of Communism after the announcement that Obama won. Just understand, our President's work for "them". And President Kennedy refused to do they took him down. (And now "they" will have a percentage majority in congress...)

Here are some pics of Obama supporters at an Obama rally: (question is--WHY are they making the Hitlerian symbol for progress and change? (Hitler worked with the Zionists in the war--until he decided to turn on they took him out.) These criminal bankers financed BOTH sides of the war. Don't let anyone tell you it was "America"-it was the bankers who OWN America--and the British Rothschild banking interests--always have been. And when you're a President working for a megalith banking goliath, you carry out your duties--or die. RIP JFK).
Hitler making the communist sign for progress and change. In the background you can see the relief of his book: Mien Kampf (My Struggle)
[Image: hitleriansymbolprogressandsocialism.bmp]
This is at an Obama rally (you can see Obama in the foreground) where three supporters make the Hitlerian communist sign for progress and change.
[Image: obama%20supportersatrally.bmp]
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