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The Gnostic Solitary Path
02-03-2010, 09:39 AM
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The Gnostic Solitary Path
I am a Gnostic Christian who follows the Solitary Path. This means
God writes my Script. Others follow the Scripts of ancient men. As long as they follow the Scripts of ancient men they will fail to find and follow the Script God has written for each one of them.

The Lakota have a saying; "No man can tell another what to do."

The Gnostic Solitary Path has a similar ethic: "No one can tell another how to worship God."

I believe that most all of the world's religiously inspired warfare could end if believers in God believed God can reach them individually without need of ancient human intercessors dictating the way God communicates with human beings. Authentic belief in God can only come from direct spiritual intercession in one's life. Following a Script for your spiritual relationship only inhibits your ability to discern the many ways God is capable of communicating directly with you. This is why Gnostics never idolized or elevated any Scriptures about God as final authority because no one can capture the wholeness of God in any single book. An encyclopedia is as much a "holy book" as the Bible or Quran and it's possible to get spiritual truth and wisdom from a child as well as from a prophet of God. Those who are mesmerized by their Scriptures are blinded to this spiritual truth as they let their minds be molded into the thought processes of ancient men instead of realizing they can think for themselves and have their own personal relationships with God. The last idolatry that must be overthrown is Word idolatry wherein the Script has become an Idol that blocks one's ability to see God in action outside the Idol's imprisonment of the Spirit in one or a few men's spiritual experiences which are not yours.

In this day and age, why do believers in God let their minds become the extensions of the minds of ancient men instead of developing their own relationships with God? For an example of how Word idolatry blinds one to moral truth look at how Abrahamic believers elevate the messengers of God to the highest status when in fact it has been people like Louis Pasteur and Jonas Salk who have saved the lives of millions of human beings while the teachings of prophets like Moses and Muhammad are responsible for the religious wars killing millions of human beings. There's no (pbuh) put after the names of Einstein or your doctor who saves your life or the plumber who unclogs your drains but these are every bit as vital to your life and the life of your community as anything you will read in church, synagogue or mosque.

What are your opinions about the Solitary Path vs. organized religions?
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02-03-2010, 10:43 AM
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RE: The Gnostic Solitary Path

What a thoughtful and well presented case. To be honest I was going to take the piss, drugs, dellireum etc. But that was very intelligent and thought provoking. I will think on this seriously, it melds with some of my thoughts. As an aside I think the bible and religion are a means to exert power over the powerless. If God exists I don't think he would be very impressed with religion using Him as it's boogyman, all loving contradiction.
I still have a very real aversion to religion per se, and as a consequence don't appreciate the comparison of your beliefs with other religions. It is my belief that religion itself is the problem, no matter which religion. Religions were created by man to acquire and exert control over others.
But I look forward to further discussion.
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