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The Id and Sub-Conscious!
09-26-2009, 07:37 PM
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The Id and Sub-Conscious!
I love Physics as much as I love Philosophy and Theology.
One day I was thinking about complex Physics theories like String Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and Relativity when I came up with this.

I started thinking about people and Psychology and wrote this.

"People are allot like Relativity & Quantum, they are unpredictable predictable.
For example: "Just because some one might do some thing they might not,
however just because some one might not do some thing doesn't mean they won't!"
Too often people try to predict or control each other and when they do that random problems occur that make no sense to them or others.

This is because no man is an island and each man has his own set of beliefs & values.
Humans by nature are communicative people which means they become depressed or aggravated when they feel their point can't get across.
The reason people hate or fight is because we are all animals, we all have flesh, skin, bones, blood, and most important a brain. The little beast inside you is known as the Id in the Psychology world.

The Id is the instinct you feel when a bad thought rushes into your head.
A lot of people refuse to except the idea that they are an animal,
but in so doing this they are showing that they fear the beast within.
The only thing a Man has to fear is Himself.
But if you overcome a fear with courage then the fear will not become you.

Some one I know once said "Humans are the closest thing to Demons mostly because of their free will." That is true however even demon's don't have freedom from their creator. God manipulates the Demon's as if they were a dog on a chain.

So do people try to manipulate each other.
We often do it with out thinking about it.
But even though people have this Id the key is that they don't have to do what it tells them to.

Instead there is another in your mind called your Sub-Conscious.
The Sub Conscious is the little voice in the back of your mind that compels you to do some thing good for some one else.

The Sub-Conscious is built from your Thoughts, Words, Actions, and Self Image.
Those four things make you what you are, unless of course your Id beats down your Sub-Conscious and takes control.
For people like Adolf Hitler the Sub-Conscious is a very icky dangerous place where no man should have ever gone before!
Which means the Sub-Conscious can be controlled by the Id, by negative emotions just as it can by positive emotions.

The trick is to stay open minded so you can grow, so your Sub-Conscious can grow.
If you do that the opposite will happen.
Your Sub-Conscious will defeat your inner beast and you will have control.

Granted it takes beating your Id into Submission but once you do you'll feel like a new person.
Take that little demon inside you, shackle him in chains, and tell him
"No bad Id, sit boy. Good Id, hear is some random hobby to let off some steam."

So it takes more than just Self-Control it also takes knowing where and how to Channel your Id, so it doesn't get you or other people into trouble!

This next part is about Closed Minded People and them learning something new.
Well I guess the only way to make a closed minded person learn something new is to bust open the door to their mind,
and lay it on their Id and their Sub-Conscious!

Granted they'l wine, complain and do whatever else they do when they get mad,
but that just means your above their level of thinking.

However just because your wiser than some one doesn't give you the right to yell at them, it gives you the right to calmly and patiently tell them how they are flawed and why.

It is the other person's job to decided how to react,
and if they blow up on you
then don't yell back, in fact don't do any thing back unless they raise their fist to you or some one else.
That is the hardest thing to do, but if you do they'l either calm down,
or if they are narrow minded they will get even angrier.
Which if they get madder because you refuse to raise your voice to them,
it means you've struck something deep,
and then you and the person need to walk away and come back a few hours later to talk and apologize.

In the event they raise their fist, let your Id take control,
and let them have it or if it's a situation where you can't win, just focus on getting away.

Don't expect an apology from some one you have just done that with in fact that person will be expecting you to apologize to them,
but you don't need to because you never got angry or raised your voice to them.

After the person has calmed down talk to them,
and let them understand you meant no ill will when you where talking to them earlier."

"Hidden underneath the stoned cold surface of every Pious Person lays buried a Kinky Pervert, Stop bringing shovels, Where not digging!"-Azrael
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