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The Lowest Land In The World
01-13-2009, 07:56 AM
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Exclamation The Lowest Land In The World
The Lowest district in the world
The lowest district in the world has been mentioned in the Quran before fourteen century. The Quranic verse which mentioned this fact has also given a correct information about a future event which later on took place & because the reason behind the embracement of many non Muslims to Islam. The above mentioned Quranic verse deals with the battle which took place between the Romans & the Persians at the early dawn of Islam. The Romans represent people of the holy book “The Bible” whereas the Persians were idol & fire worshipers. However, in that battle the Persians defeated the Romans. The Muslims did not like it. They did not like idol & fire worshipers to defeat the followers of a holy book. Muslims felt sad. Therefore Allah condoled Muslims by informing them a future event which will take place. In that event, Quran informed, the Roman will defeat the Persians. Quran said “A.L.M. The Roman Empire has been defeated – In a Land close by; But they, (even) after (This) defeat of theirs, will soon be victorious – Within a few years(he uses the word "BED'A" in Arabic which means between 3 to 9). With Allah is the decision, in the past and in the Future: On that Day shall The Believers rejoice – with the help of Allah. He helps whom He will, and He is Exalted in Might, Most Merciful. (It is) the promise of Allah. Never does Allah depart From His promise: But most men understand not The Know but the outer “Things” in the life of this world: “but of the End of things they are heedless” This verse told its contemporaries what would be & what it promised tool place. One of the idol worshiper came to Abu-Baker the companion of the prophet (PBUH) & with an air of unbelieving he informed Abu-Baker about this Quranic verse which he heard from the prophet (PBUH). The unbeliever expressed his doubt about it but Abu-Baker told him that it will take place & the Romans will defeat the Persians. Then after seven years the Romans defeated the Persians & what the Quran had said happened. The Muslims became very happy & rejoiced the news. It revealed the miraculous nature of Quran & large numbers of non-believers embraced Islam. They came to conclusion that whatever the prophet Mohammed is saying is actually a divine revelation which comes from the creator & sustainer of this universe. The above Quranic verse revealed that Quran revealed many things which was unknown to human intellect, Quran & its content is a challenge to human intellect therefore Quran is a divine revelation. The scholar Elzindani said that he met a scholar of Geology in America. His name was Palma. He is one of the distinguished scholars in the field of Geology in America. There was a model of Earth with him. The high & low areas were clearly indicated on it. However, the American scholar was not aware of the place, which is in reality the lower district on the Earth. The scholar Elzidani told him that there is a Quranic verse, which informs us that a district near Jerusalem is the lowest district Earth. He told the American scholar that in the above mentioned the word “close by”فِىٓ أَدۡنَى ٱلۡأَرۡضِ has been interpreted by former interpreters as of having two meanings, the first meaning is “more near” and the second meaning is “lower”. They gave importance to the first meaning because it expressed for them the sense of Geographical nearness to the Land of Arabs. However the Land which is described as “more near” “Lower” is the lower areas of the Dead Sea. However, the American scholar mentioned some other districts in the world, which are known to be low areas such as the low areas in Holland. But Shaikh Zindani confirmed to him that the lowest area on Earth is located in somewhere between Jerusalem & the surrounding areas. He asked the American to rotate the Earth embodied to confirm this fact. However, the American scholar rotated the Embodiment of Earth. He found many low areas on it, but when he came to the area mentioned by Zindani to be the lowest area in the Earth he found an arrow which point at it and indicate that it is the lowest place on Earth. The American scholar said that it is a true fact, Shaikh Zindani informed him that it is the Quran, which clarified this fact before fourteen century. It sib the Quran which came from Allah Who knows the reality of each & every thing. Source “The Age of Faith dawned” By Shaikh Abdel Majeed Elzindani
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01-15-2009, 06:18 AM (This post was last modified: 01-15-2009 06:29 AM by grunfeld.)
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RE: The Lowest Land In The World
Let me guess. Yet another Muslim "post and run".
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01-16-2009, 12:44 PM
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RE: The Lowest Land In The World
(01-15-2009 06:18 AM)grunfeld Wrote:  Let me guess. Yet another Muslim "post and run".

yeah you want me to discuss with myself!!
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01-17-2009, 11:13 AM
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RE: The Lowest Land In The World
No need for me to reinvent the wheel.

Quote:FIRST: The most serious problem may be that the statements in Sura 30 seem to merely be history, and not a prediction, because Mohammed was alive and still producing Koranic verses for several years after the time of the suggested Roman defeat and/or victory in history.

We know this is the case, because Mohammed died in 632 A.D. at the age of 63. According to Al-Baizawi's commentary, the Byzantine Romans were evidently victorious over Persia in 628 A.D., and so, Mohammed was alive four years after that victory ---therefore, Mohammed could easily have learned of the victory, and then have dictated these verses of Sura 30 a year or two after the event. This would make Sura 30 history, not a prediction.


* SECOND: It is a very safe bet that in "a few" years the Romans would be "victorious" in some battle somewhere, since they were fighting several battles during every given year. At least one victory would seem almost 100% sure to happen within the space of nine years. (Mohammed himself stated that what was meant by the "small number" or "a few years" is between three and nine years, according to Al-Baizawi in his commentary). --But, amazingly, although a few people say there was supposedly a victory within nine years, but this is doubtful, as Al-Bazawi's commentary indicates that a Byzantine Roman victory over Persia was actually in A.D. 628 (which was thirteen years later). --Not only that, but (as was mentioned in the first point) Mohammed probably already knew about the Roman victory.

So, the problem is: the Sura 30 prediction is virtually a sure bet. --It is much like saying that the British soccer team will win a game during the next season. This is also much like the mummification of a pharaoh, which is also almost a sure bet, which Mohammed most likely already knew about. ---Is such a safe "prediction" supposed to be significant? Why should anyone be impressed with it? --Therefore, Sura 30:2-3 most probably is history, and isn't a prediction at all.
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