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The Two Houses!!
07-21-2013, 07:56 AM (This post was last modified: 07-21-2013 08:21 AM by MLServant.)
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The Two Houses!!
I may get alot of flak for this, but I did not know I could blog Please read.

I did not get enough Lox at Oneg Sad regrets, regrets......

In Genesis 13:14-16 YHWH our Heavenly Father promised Abram the land of Canaan as well as a promise of physical multiplicity of his zera or his seed (sperm). Abram was told that this promise of physical multiplicity will be so vast and so extensive that the entire earth will literally be full of his zera. Verse 16 reminds us that at the time that this promise is literally and physically brought to pass it will be absolutely impossible for mankind to even count it, or in any way census it, since mankind is totally impotent and unable to count the dust of the earth. Taken from an Article by: Your Arms to Israel / With Permission.

An an Evangelist and not a Rabbi (Teacher) I will be succinct and direct.

Israel is Every Where !

In all Nation's Scatterd Sheep!

Be on the lookout for them.. :unsure: there is only a remnat so it's like the needle in the hay stack syndrome up close and personal out there......Fortunately as we proclain the Besorah (Gospel) we have YHWH's Ruach Hakodesh to show us the WAY and that way is Yahushua and as we walk the way He does (Observance of His Instruction/Law/Torah/Commands) great blessing will arrive at our door step! Read about the blessings in Deuteronomy in your study Time. To study the Word/Torah (Instruction (Mitzvot)) fulfills one of the Commandments in Torah and you will be on your way!!

This promise is straightforward, needing absolutely no interpretation or explanation. That same seed will inherit the land eventually to be known as Israel. YATI


In Genesis 15 verses 1-6 we see Abram willing to help YHWH fulfill :woohoo: the promise of Genesis 13 by prematurely and incorrectly choosing Eliezer, a Gentile, who is not a physical offspring of Abram's own sperm or zera, to be the one through whom that promise would be brought to pass. However YHWH rebukes Abram and makes it clear to him that His promise of physical multiplicity that would become a number that man would not be able to number would not come through an adopted Gentile or a second class choice. :(No! Our Heavenly Father ordained that this promised heir would come from Abram's own body. He would not be adopted but he would be a physical descendent of Abram. It is through this physical descendent that YHWH once again promises Abram that his physical offspring will be more than the stars of Heaven. Wink YATI

Right there we see that the decendant's of Avraham are not ADOPTED......HELLO Ephraim! Big Grin

More to come.......Shalom!!

So who is being Adopted? Gentiles. Wild olive shoots? Ephraim. Branches? Jews. Vine - Yahushua haMasciah!! (Jesus the Messiah) If Ephraim is so vast and covers most of the Earth than this means that the Gentiles are the minority and Israel truly inherited the Earth. Y'hudah's Envious brother Ephraim is making Israel's Inhabitant's Jealous. The Ephraimites are THE fullness of the Gentiles! If you take a small population like the Gentiles and FILL the Nation's that they occupy with Israel (Ephraim) you have the FULLNESS of the Gentiles. Indeed Israel is the Fullness. Is Scripture coming alive for you or what!!

This understanding will make Scripture come even more alive than you are accostomed to. Increase sheep! YHWH is all about INCREASE! Big Grin

May YHWH Baruch (Bless) you with the Reading of His word as I point you to the story of the Prodigal son. When you have a momnet please Read it again. You will see the Envious Brother coming home from the pig troughs of the Nation's to His Father and the Jealous reigning brother of the House hold saying to the Fahther basically "What about me?" Make the Elohim (God) Most High who is YHWH Bless you from the Reading of this scene in His Scriptures!!

Ephraim is assimilated into the Nations. We look Gentile, talk Gentile and live like Gentiles but Most of us have Israelite blood mixed into the blood of your ancestors!

Just because one does the African Mombo at the local tiki hut does not mean that they are Hawain.... :cool:Diversity is good. Look up the word Israel in the Strong's when you get a chance. You will have to flip alot of pages and you will get my point! PLEASE donot try to study this topic at one setting. Sad WHEW. That is more than a life endeavor!!!

Diferent than what you were taught? Well look at the Forum Category you are in, Your not in Kansas anymore Waving Goodbye my Religious Friend!!

More to come, oh most definately!

And Yes, Questions are encouraged, of course!!
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07-27-2013, 10:21 PM
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RE: The Two Houses!!
You are talking excitedly about somethings that are not clear and coherent to me, at least. I don't understand how Ephraim is the Gentiles, if you like. But I can understand that you want to think that all inhabitants of the earth have some blood link to the Israelites, right?
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